Health Nugget – The Necessity of Health Reform

Dear friend, may God richly bless us as we live out the principles of health reform, and help others to understand the importance of them, as we prepare for the final events of this world and the coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Health Nugget – It’s a Big Job to Run a Body

Did you ever consider how perfectly your body is timed and controlled? How does it maintain a normal temperature of 98.6 degrees, how is the blood pressure regulated just right, why do you breathe an average of 16 times and your heart beat 72 times a minute?

Health Nugget – The Importance of the Sense of Taste

Taste, however, is actually a multisensory phenomenon. While the sense of taste gives basic information about sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and savory, most of the food experience, how a blueberry tastes different than a raspberry, for example, depends on the sense of smell.