Nature – The Lamb

A restored lamb will thrive in health, learn mannerisms, nurse appropriately, gain weight, play with other lambs, prance on all four limbs, run, climb, express curiosity in its environment, nap throughout the day,…

Nature – The Beaver

The beaver is an engineer with amazing features and knowledge. It builds its dam, up to hundreds of feet long, with such engineering skill that men study the beaver’s dam…

Nature – Why Don’t They Get Stuck?

Spiders avoid getting stuck by walking on the spoke strands which do not have adhesive on them. If by chance the spider should stray into a sticky area, it will very gently pull the trapped leg back.

The Most Singular Orchestra on Earth

Most of this group can be heard around the summer world in every field and hedge, for the musicians are a grasshopper, a cicada, a death-watch beetle, and a click beetle, the conspicuous soloists of this orchestra.

Morning Glory Cloud

Morning Glory clouds can appear as one solitary cloud or more frequently as successive waves of up to ten, strung out like rope lines across the landscape.