The Most Singular Orchestra on Earth

Most of this group can be heard around the summer world in every field and hedge, for the musicians are a grasshopper, a cicada, a death-watch beetle, and a click beetle, the conspicuous soloists of this orchestra.

Morning Glory Cloud

Morning Glory clouds can appear as one solitary cloud or more frequently as successive waves of up to ten, strung out like rope lines across the landscape.

Nature – The Donkey

The donkey is a member of the horse family, although they are often stockier, stronger, and have much different personalities. Their surefootedness and strength make them the ideal beast of burden.

Nature – Caribou

The caribou have the widest and roundest hooves of any of the deer family. They are used as paddles when swimming and as snow shoes when the snow is deep.

Nature – Why Birds’ Feet Don’t Freeze

…for birds such as geese, ducks, and other waterfowl that spend time on ice or in cold water, keeping their legs and feet warm is essential for survival. Birds rely on a vascular system called rete mirabile designed to keep their feet warm.