About Steps to Life Ministries

Our Mission

Steps to Life exists to communicate the Three Angels’ Messages of Revelation 14 to the world. Steps to Life was established to help people know the steps to take to be prepared for the end of the world. To accomplish this Steps to Life uses both printed and electronic educational materials about prophecy, health, the family, and personal preparedness.

Our Founder

Marshall Grosboll

Pastor Marshall Grosboll

Our Director

John Grosboll

Pastor John Grosboll


In 1982, Pastor Marshall Grosboll decided to buy his first computer. It was not an IBM, but just a 64K floppy drive computer (hard drives were too expensive then). He had a very particular reason for buying it. At that time he was the pastor of a church near Washington D.C., and he perceived that the average church member in his congregation did not know how to explain the gospel or study the Bible with others who wanted to find out what was going to happen in the future and how to have certainty of gaining eternal life. He had searched for materials that were written to help Christians share their beliefs with their friends and other people, but he could not find any materials that seemed suitable. So he decided to write his own Bible study course—hence the need for a computer.

It was his plan to make this Bible study course a three-step learning experience. The first step could be about how a person could become a Christian. The second step would be about how to understand Bible Prophecy, especially the prophecies about the last days. The third step would be how to become part of God’s remnant or last-day people described in chapters 7 and 14 in the book of Revelation (To view these studies Click Here). Each of these three steps contained ten Bible study lessons that could be studied in less than one hour. He decided to call this course of 30 Bible lessons “Steps to Life.” That is how Steps to Life Ministries originally began. These lessons and other newer Bible courses are still available for FREE from Steps to Life,  either as correspondence Bible lessons (we have students all over the US, in many other countries, and in many prisons) or as lessons a Christian may share with a friend around the kitchen table.

In 1987, Pastor Marshall Grosboll began the Steps to Life television program in Wichita, Kansas, and Steps to Life is still on television every Sunday morning in Wichita on Fox 24 (Click here: to view a sample TV program). We have been broadcasting weekly for over 25 years and utilize the Bible correspondence school with free mail-outs to follow up on interested listeners. Steps to Life also publishes LandMarks, a monthly magazine; a newsletter, In His Steps, and many small booklets and pamphlets, mainly on the subjects of Bible prophecy, how to have good health, and how to solve problems in your life (problems such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs, financial challenges, and family issues). If you could benefit from help in any of these areas, please contact us (via phone: 1-800-843-8788).

Steps to Life has also sponsored Prophecy Seminars about what is going to happen in the near future that will be an overwhelming surprise to those who do not know and understand Bible prophecy. These Prophecy Seminars are available in printed form or audio or video. To sign up for our FREE Prophecy course.

Steps to Life is locally affiliated with the Prairie Meadows Church in the Wichita, Kansas area, and with other churches in several nearby towns. We also sponsor Bible workers and health evangelists around the globe. We will not know how many people have been reached by our efforts until time and eternity meet.