Bible Study – The Christian Family

May 8 – 14, 2022

Key Text

“That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth; that our daughters may be as pillars, sculptured in palace style.” Psalm 144:12

Study Help: Child Guidance, 318–325, 434–443


“The greatest evidence of the power of Christianity that can be presented to the world is a well-ordered, well-disciplined family. This will recommend the truth as nothing else can; for it is a living witness of its practical power upon the heart.” Testimonies, Vol. 4, 304



1.a. In order to have a happy home, what does God’s word enjoin upon both husbands and wives? 1 Corinthians 7:3, 4; Ephesians 5:33

 Note: “Do not try to compel each other to do as you wish. You cannot do this and retain each other’s love. Manifestations of self will destroy the peace and happiness of the home. Let not your married life be one of contention. If you do, you will both be unhappy. Be kind in speech and gentle in action, giving up your own wishes. Watch well your words, for they have a powerful influence for good or for ill. Allow no sharpness to come into your voices. Bring into your united life the fragrance of Christlikeness.” Testimonies, Vol. 7, 47

1.b. How does Inspiration describe a true Christian home? Psalm 128; Isaiah 61:9. How can the home be a blessing or a curse?

Note: “We must let Christ into our hearts and homes if we would walk in the light. Home should be made all that the word implies. It should be a little heaven upon earth, a place where the affections are cultivated instead of being studiously repressed. Our happiness depends upon this cultivation of love, sympathy, and true courtesy to one another.” Testimonies, Vol. 3, 539



2.a. What do the Scriptures say about the children of God-fearing parents? Psalm 127:3; Proverbs 17:6; Isaiah 54:13

Note: “Let it be remembered that children are not to be treated as though they were our own personal property. Children are the heritage of the Lord, and the plan of redemption includes their salvation as well as ours. They have been entrusted to parents in order that they might be brought up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, that they might be qualified to do their work in time and eternity.” The Adventist Home, 280

“Children are the heritage of the Lord, and unless parents give them such a training as will enable them to keep the way of the Lord, they neglect solemn duty. It is not the will or purpose of God that children shall become coarse, rough, uncourteous, disobedient, unthankful, unholy, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God. The Scriptures state that this condition of society shall be a sign of the last days.” Child Guidance, 229

“They [children] are to be guided in the path of obedience, not indulged in appetite or vanity.” The Adventist Home, 279

2.b. What command does the Lord give to all parents who wish to see their children saved? Deuteronomy 6:4–7; 11:18, 19; Proverbs 22:6

 Note: “Throughout the week let parents remember that their home is to be a school in which their children shall be prepared for the courts above. Let their words be right words. No words which their children should not hear are to escape their lips. Let the spirit be kept free from irritation. Parents, during the week live as in the sight of a holy God, who has given you children to train for Him. Train for Him the little church in your home, that on the Sabbath all may be prepared to worship in the Lord’s sanctuary. Each morning and evening present your children to God as His blood-bought heritage. Teach them that it is their highest duty and privilege to love and serve God.

“Parents should be particular to make the worship of God an object lesson for their children. Passages of scripture should be more often on their lips, especially those passages that prepare the heart for religious service. The precious words might well be often repeated: ‘My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from Him’ (Psalm 62:5).” Testimonies, Vol. 6, 354



3.a. What are children required to do regarding their parents? Exodus 20:12; Ephesians 6:1–3

Note: “There is no period in life when children are excused from honoring their parents. This solemn obligation is binding upon every son and daughter and is one of the conditions to their prolonging their lives upon the land which the Lord will give the faithful. This is not a subject unworthy of notice, but a matter of vital importance. The promise is upon condition of obedience. If you obey, you shall live long in the land which the Lord your God gives you. If you disobey, you shall not prolong your life in that land.” The Adventist Home, 292, 293

“Children, do you desire eternal life? Then respect and honor your parents. Do not wound and grieve their hearts, and cause them to spend sleepless nights in anxiety and distress over your case. If you have sinned in not rendering love and obedience to them, begin now to redeem the past. You cannot afford to take any other course; for it means to you the loss of eternal life. The Heart-searcher knows what is your attitude toward your parents; for He is weighing moral character in the golden scales of the heavenly sanctuary. O, confess your neglect of your parents, confess your indifference toward them, and your contempt of God’s holy commandment.” The Youth’s Instructor, June 22, 1893

3.b. What is one of the signs of the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ? Romans 1:30; 2 Timothy 3:2

Note: “The sin which exists in this generation among children is that they are ‘disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God’ (2 Timothy 3:2, 4). And this state of things exists to such an extent that it is made a subject of prophecy as one of the signs that we are living in the last days of time.” Letters to Young Lovers, 53

“The word of God abounds in precepts and counsels enjoining respect for parents. It impresses upon the young the sacred duty of loving and cherishing those who have guided them through infancy, childhood, and youth, up to manhood and womanhood, and who are now in great degree dependent upon them for peace and happiness. The Bible gives no uncertain sound on this subject; nevertheless, its teachings have been greatly disregarded.” Fundamentals of Christian Education, 101



4.a. What family-related prophecy will be fulfilled in these last days? Malachi 4:5, 6; Luke 1:17

Note: “The restoration and uplifting of humanity begins in the home. The work of parents underlies every other. Society is composed of families, and is what the heads of families make it. Out of the heart are ‘the issues of life’ (Proverbs 4:23); and the heart of the community, of the church, and of the nation is the household. The well-being of society, the success of the church, the prosperity of the nation, depend upon home influences.” The Ministry of Healing, 349

“Those who bear the last message of mercy to the world should feel it their duty to instruct parents in regard to home religion. Their great reformatory movement must begin in presenting to fathers and mothers and children the principles of the law of God. As the claims of the law are presented, and men and women are convicted of their duty to render obedience, show them the responsibility of their decision, not only for themselves but for their children.” Child Guidance, 556

4.b. When fathers, mothers, and children are united in one happy family, what will be the result? Psalm 144:12

 Note: “More than human wisdom is needed by parents at every step, that they may understand how best to educate their children for a useful, happy life here, and for higher service and greater joy hereafter. Fathers and mothers, ever remember that to you is committed a sacred trust. The power of example is very great. If you fail to select proper society for your children and allow them to associate with persons of questionable morals, you place them or permit them to place themselves, in a school where lessons of depravity will be taught and practiced.” The Review and Herald, September 13, 1881

“Parents, you have a solemn responsibility resting upon you. It is your duty to cooperate with Christ in aiding your children to form right characters. Jesus can do nothing without your cooperation. It is not mercy or kindness to permit a child to have its own way, to submit to its rule, and to neglect to correct it on the ground that you love it too well to punish it. What kind of love is it that permits your child to develop traits of character that will make him and everyone else miserable? Away with such love! True love will look out for the present and eternal good of the soul.” Ibid., July 16, 1895



5.a. In eternity—when the saved are secure in God’s kingdom—what will be the parents’ testimony? Isaiah 8:18

 Note: “When the judgment shall sit, and the books shall be opened; when the ‘well done’ of the great Judge is pronounced, and the crown of immortal glory is placed upon the brow of the victor, many will raise their crowns in sight of the assembled universe and, pointing to their mother, say, ‘She made me all I am through the grace of God. Her instruction, her prayers, have been blessed to my eternal salvation.’ ” Messages to Young People, 330

“Mothers, remember that in your work the Creator of the universe will give you help. In His strength, and through His name, you can lead your children to be overcomers. Teach them to look to God for strength. Tell them that He hears their prayers. Teach them to overcome evil with good. Teach them to exert an influence that is elevating and ennobling. Lead them to unite with God, and then they will have strength to resist the strongest temptation. They will then receive the reward of the overcomer.” Child Guidance, 172, 173

5.b. What will be the reward of the Christian family when they enter God’s kingdom? Psalm 132:12

 Note: “He [Jesus] tells you to be a partaker of His joy, and what is that? It is the joy of seeing of the travail of your soul, fathers. It is the joy of seeing that your efforts, mothers, are rewarded. Here are your children; the crown of life is upon their heads, and the angels of God immortalize the names of the mothers whose efforts have won their children to Jesus Christ.” Child Guidance, 567, 568



1    What characterizes a true Christian family?

2    Name some successful key elements in rearing God-fearing children.

3    What special challenge do parents face in these last days?

4    Why will truly Christian homes become rare in the end of time?

5    What is needed in order to see our children in the kingdom of God?

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