Keys to the Storehouse – Beacons of Warning

Are your eyes open to the beacons of warning? To recognize them will enable you to turn defeat into victory and honor your Redeemer. There are many, but consider these few.

Your faith is a beacon – “The faith of God’s true people, manifested, as was Noah’s, by their works, should stand as a beacon of warning to the world. If our works do not correspond with our profession, we present to the world a false light, and thus lure them on to destruction.” The Review and Herald, November 29, 1881.

Your building/temple is a beacon – “Every faculty in man is a workman that is building for time and for eternity. Day by day the structure is going up, although the possessor is not aware of it. It is a building which must stand either as:

  • a beacon of warning because of its deformity
  • or as a structure which God and angels will admire for its harmony with the Divine Model.” Mind, Character and Personality, Book 2, 545.

Solomon’s life was a beacon of warning – It was shaken like a reed under the tempter’s power. “But the case of Solomon is before us as a beacon of warning. When thou … thinkest that thou standest take heed lest thou fall. How, in Solomon’s case, was weak, vacillating character, naturally bold, firm, and determined, shaken like a reed in the wind under the tempter’s power! How was an old gnarled cedar of Lebanon, a sturdy oak of Bashan, bent before the blast of temptation! What a lesson for all who desire to save their souls to watch unto prayer continually! What a warning to keep the grace of Christ ever in their heart, to battle with inward corruptions and outward temptations!” Conflict and Courage, 197.

Words and deeds are beacons of warning – “The words and deeds of the pleasure lovers pass directly from these halls of vice to the book of final records. What is the life of this class worth to the world, except as a beacon of warning to those who will be warned, not to live like these men, and die as the fool dieth.” Temperance, 18.

Warnings – “Beacons of warning are placed on every side in the pathway of life to prevent men from approaching the dangerous, forbidden ground; but, notwithstanding this, multitudes choose the fatal path, contrary to the dictates of reason, regardless of God’s law, and in defiance of His vengeance.” The Adventist Home, 59.

“This is why God has given so many examples showing the results of even one wrong act. From the sad story of that one sin which ‘brought death into the world and all our woe, with loss of Eden,’ to the record of him who for thirty pieces of silver sold the Lord of glory, Bible biography abounds in these examples, set up as beacons of warning at the byways leading from the path of life.” Education, 150.

Overcome but repented – “Though they may have been overcome with temptation, they repented of their sins; and no opportunity is left for us to depreciate their characters or to excuse sin. Their history is a beacon of warning to us, and points out a safe path for our feet if we will but shun their mistakes. These noble men sought the mercy seat and humbled their souls before God.” Selected Messages, Book 3, 346.

Father: I am so thankful for the beacons of warning that You have set before me and appreciate the eye salve that You provide. Please continue to apply the salve so that I may see and understand the warnings before me and the way You would have me to walk. Help me to stand as a beacon of warning filled with heavenly light. Amen.