Keys to the Storehouse – God’s Gift Targeted

God’s Gift Targeted…

Your most precious, personal gifts from God are on the devil’s hit list. While we have taken these gifts for granted, the devil is destroying them little by little. When was the last time you thought about or thanked God for your eyes, for your ears, or for the power of speech? When was the last time you asked God to watch over these gifts?

Satan loves to use these gifts for his cause or to his glory.

Why did God give you eyes?

  • God gave men eyes, that they might behold wondrous things out of His law.

Why did God give you ears?

  • He gave you the hearing ear that you might listen to His message, spoken by the living Preacher.

Why did God give you speech?

  • He gave you the talent of speech that you might present Christ as the sin-pardoning Saviour.

Why did God give you a heart?

  • With the heart you believeth unto righteousness.

Why did God give you a mouth?

  • With the mouth confession is made unto salvation. (See The Adventist Home, 401.)

Now that you know why God gave you all of these most precious gifts—the eyes, ears, speech, heart and mouth, ask yourself who is in control of them or for what are they being used. If you are honest with yourself, you will be able to answer these questions without hesitation.

We are warned that “All should guard the senses, lest Satan gain victory over them; for these are the avenues of the soul.” Ibid. Satan does not want you to keep these avenues to the soul pure because then he has lost you to Jesus.

What are Satan and his followers doing right now?

“Satan and his angels are busy creating a paralyzed condition of the senses so that cautions, warnings, and reproofs shall not be heard; or, if heard, that they shall not take effect upon the heart and reform the life. …

“Satan does not wish the people to have a knowledge of God; and if he can set in operation games and theatrical performances that will so confuse the senses of the young that human beings will perish in darkness while light shines all about them, he is well pleased.” Ibid., 402.

“We should ever keep in mind that unseen agencies are at work, both evil and good, to take the control of the mind. They act with unseen yet effectual power. Good angels are ministering spirits, exerting a heavenly influence upon heart and mind; while the great adversary of souls, the devil, and his angels are continually laboring to accomplish our destruction.” Ibid., 405. Who is using these valuable gifts?

Heavenly Father: I pray for grace and for faithful angels to help me to distinguish who is using these most valuable gifts. Help me to keep these avenues open for Your use only. I choose not to allow Satan to destroy these precious gifts or to block or poison these avenues to my soul. I want full access to You at all times and I want You to have full access to me. Help me to guard the avenues to my soul and preserve these gifts to Thy glory.