Keys to the Storehouse – The Silent Witness

From each character emanates a silent witness that influences others. This silent witness is either a power for good or a power for evil. This silent witness of a converted Christian shows all that the gospel changes lives, it beautifies the character and ennobles the life. What a witness!

“By being courteous and beneficent they adorn His doctrine, and show that the truth of heavenly origin beautifies the character and ennobles the life. Christ’s followers are ‘living epistles, known and read of all men’ (II Corinthians 3:2).” The Review and Herald, November 28, 1878.

Character—A Power for Good

“The silent witness of a true, unselfish, godly life carries an almost irresistible influence. By revealing in our own life the character of Christ we cooperate with Him in the work of saving souls.” To Be Like Jesus, 97.

Character—A Power for Evil—Causing the Loss of Other Souls

“But never should it be forgotten that influence is no less a power for evil. To lose one’s own soul is a terrible thing; but to cause the loss of other souls is still more terrible. That our influence should be a savor of death unto death is a fearful thought; yet this is possible. Many who profess to gather with Christ are scattering from Him. … Many indulge freely in criticism and accusing. By giving expression to suspicion, jealousy, and discontent, they yield themselves as instruments to Satan. Before they realize what they are doing, the adversary has through them accomplished his purpose. The impression of evil has been made, the shadow has been cast, the arrows of Satan have found their mark.” [Emphasis supplied.] Ibid.

Results of Evil influence—Wrecks of Character

“Meanwhile the workers for Satan look complacently upon those whom they have driven to skepticism, and who are now hardened against reproof and entreaty. They flatter themselves that in comparison with these souls they are virtuous and righteous. They do not realize that these sad wrecks of character are the work of their own unbridled tongues and rebellious hearts. It is through their influence that these tempted ones have fallen.” Ibid.

Fear to Meet at the Bar of God

“So frivolity, selfish indulgence, and careless indifference on the part of professed Christians are turning away many souls from the path of life. Many there are who will fear to meet at the bar of God the results of their influence. It is only through the grace of God that we can make a right use of this endowment.” Ibid.

Heavenly Father: I know that my thoughts and feelings make up my moral character. Remove any evil influence of criticism, accusing, discontentment, etc., that may pull a brother or sister down or turn them from You. I ask that You fill my mind with heavenly thoughts and feelings so that any influence emanating from me will melt hearts and put a yearning within others that will draw them to You. Amen.