Keys to the Storehouse – Things that Count with God

In this world, people tend to feel that the things they do or acquire with their own hands and hard work are the things that count the most. Even in Christianity, people feel that if they help others, contribute money, help with missions and in their own communities, then they have accomplished great things.

But I was looking through my Bible recently, and I came across a heading that read, “Things that Count with God.” And that made me think.

We’ve used Matthew 7:21–23 in many of the articles in several different issues of the LandMarks. But this scripture tells us that there will be many, too many, who feel that if they do these things or those things, then they have laid up their treasure in heaven. But the truth is, if a person does not have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, then doing all these things will mean nothing, because the actions alone certainly don’t save.

So let’s take a little time and see just exactly what does count with God.

“The daily life of the Christian should bring no discredit upon our holy faith. The motive of the heart, as well as the words and actions, is weighed in estimating our moral worth. …

“Reliance on forms and ceremonies will not save us. … The Lord defines Bible religion as a principle in the soul, not merely the performance of virtuous acts, although virtuous acts are the natural fruit of this principle in the soul. It is the spirit in which the acts are performed rather than the performance that counts with God.

“A man may give his goods to feed the poor, his body to be burned, yet if he is not actuated by the living principles of love for God and man his work is a failure.” Manuscript Releases, Vol. 15, 269

“It is not the ready speaker, the sharp intellect, that counts with God. It is the earnest purpose, the deep piety, the love of truth, the fear of God, that has a telling influence. A testimony from the heart, coming from lips in which is no guile, full of faith and humble trust, though given by a stammering tongue, is accounted of God as precious as gold … .

“The truly converted soul is illuminated by the light shining from the Sun of Righteousness. … Let everyone, to a man, now rise, and let his ‘light so shine before men that they may see his good works, and glorify our Father which is in heaven.’ Do what you can, and do it at once, cheerfully, heartily, prayerfully, joyfully, not as unto men, but unto God. Settle it in your hearts that you are not on the earth to exalt self, to make a great name, but to sink self wholly out of sight in Jesus Christ. Let Jesus be lifted up. Let the great truths connected with the salvation of man be the theme of your meditation day and night. Your work, both by precept and example, is to hold forth the word of life, to seek with all your power to bring souls to the knowledge of the truth.” Pamphlet 028, Elder Daniels and the Fresno Church, 26, 27

Yes, God wants us to do what He directs us to do. He wants us to have love and concern for our neighbor. But most of all, He wants us to surrender our hearts so that He can dwell within. All of our words and actions will then be a result of our relationship with Him.

Lord, help us to understand what really matters most to You.