Nature – The Tale of Two Seeds

Last June, I planted a few sunflower seeds in the mulch in front of our house, just as an experiment, to see if they would grow there. I wanted giant, tall sunflowers to grow in front of our porch windows. I waited and waited all summer, and then September came, but no sunflowers. My experiment failed as did my vision of bright cheerful sunflowers that I thought would grow out of the mulch.

But in a short time, I was astounded to see where I planted sunflowers something else was growing. There were four of them and as I looked closer, I could see that they each had bright lime green needles sticking out of its small central stalk. These four plants seemed to be growing in the very spots where I thought I had planted the sunflowers. The plants were only about an inch in height, if that, but so inspiringly beautiful that instead of being further disappointed that my sunflowers hadn’t grown, I was totally delighted to see these tiny green things, whatever they were. I was determined to identify them right away. Beyond all reason, I was still hoping they were sunflowers!

I immediately went next door to visit my new neighbor, who is also a gardener. She came to inspect these new little wonders and I was astounded to hear her say, “These are fir trees!” She said the seeds could have flown from somewhere into the mulch, or a bird could have brought them (and planted them?). Mighty fir trees. How did this happen? I was truly perplexed. Could a bird have eaten the sunflower seed and planted a fir tree instead? She further told me if I did not want the foundation to our front porch ruined, that I must kill these tiny fir trees or transplant them as they will grow several feet tall. I did a little investigation on the internet and learned that fir trees can grow from 2 to about 9 feet and are basically shaped like Christmas trees.

I wondered, could it be that these little fir trees grew in the same space as I was hoping to see sunflowers grow to remind me of what great things God has planned for us, things far beyond our imagination—from this life to the next—things that will continually surprise and amaze us in eternity. We will experience the surprises, the joy, and bliss that He has planned for us from the foundation of the world.

We are now waiting in earnest expectation of the things He has prepared for us. Like the wondrous surprise of fir trees, God has things to show us in heaven that will defy anything we can think or hope for in this life. With determined effort on our part, and with God’s help and guidance, we can all be there to experience life in the heavenly realm. Continual adoration and worship of our Heavenly Father will be what no words can express here. All afflictions we suffer here will be forever ended. Not only will there be no more pain and suffering, but we will not even remember how these things felt.

My friends, let us get ready to see Jesus. Find someone today who wants to know the good news, and help them to get ready, too, because we know with certainty that Jesus is coming soon. Whether alive or in the grave when He comes, we can be ready to meet Jesus with the joy and anticipation of life never ending.

As for the fir trees, I planted them on our property line and have been watching them grow into what they should be, reminding me to grow into what I should be as I prepare for my heavenly home.