Question – Where is Heaven?


Where is Heaven?


Heaven. The home of God. Does heaven have an address? Do we have directions with which to find it? If we could stand just outside Earth’s atmosphere and gaze across the wide expanse of space—at least all that the human eye could see—could we discern it, perhaps just there, left of Jupiter about a zillion miles?

Mrs. White writes regarding a vision during which she heard the voice of God coming from the open space in Orion (Maranatha, 279). So is that where heaven is?

Inspiration tells us precisely where heaven should be found, and it’s not somewhere out there.

“To save the transgressor of God’s law, Christ, the One equal with the Father, came to live heaven before men, that they might learn to know what it is to have heaven in the heart. He illustrated what man must be to be worthy of the precious boon of the life that measures with the life of God.

“The life of Christ was a life charged with a divine message of the love of God, and He longed intensely to impart this love to others in rich measure. Compassion beamed from His countenance, and His conduct was characterized by grace, humility, truth, and love. Every member of His church militant must manifest the same qualities, if he would join the church triumphant. The love of Christ is so broad, so full of glory, that in comparison to it, everything that men esteem as great, dwindles into insignificance. When we obtain a view of it, we exclaim, O the depth of the riches of the love that God bestowed upon men in the gift of His only begotten Son!” Christian Education, 76

Our focus now should not be outward, but inward. One day soon, Jesus will come and He will take His children home to heaven. Until that glorious morning, we must receive the transformation of character that results in living each day in such a way that heaven can be found in us.

[Emphasis supplied.]