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Christ Formed Within – April 2024


Can the Great Commission be Fulfilled – October 2021

The Secret to a Happy Home – September 2021

The Atonement – August 2021

A Fallen Church – July 2021

Fulfilling the Gospel Commission – June 2021

Fulfilling the Great Commission – May 2021

When the Rocks Cry Out – April 2021

Ten Virgins – March 2021

The Time of Trouble – February 2021

The New Covenant – January 2021


The Covenants – December 2020

Holy Traits of Character – November 2020

Money – October 2020

Behind both the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, was money. Some of the most bitter contentions in the world involve money.

Crucified With Christ – September 2020

The cross cuts directly across all personal inclinations and turns the repentant heart toward Jesus.

Methuselah’s Grandchildren – August 2020

Of all the grandchildren born of Methuselah, who was born in the eight generation after creation, only one, Noah was saved when the flood came.

The Cause of Trouble – July 2020

Trouble occurs because of sin but our divine Lord is equal to any emergency.

Two Spirits – June 2020

Test the spirits. It is possible for those claiming to love God to be praying for the Holy Spirit yet not know which spirit drives them.

The Forbidden Marriage – May 2020

Self-indulgence consumes those who practice it. Often what is right is corrupted by perversion and excess. A church married to the world lacks spiritual strength.

Strangers and Pilgrims – April 2020

Faithful church members who are pilgrims and strangers will escape the time of trouble while all the earth dwellers will find themselves trapped in Satan’s snares.

Happy and Sad — the Church – March 2020

With mixed emotions the church eagerly awaits Jesus’ return. Happy to be delivered from this sin sick world but sad that so many will lose their crown.

One Church in Heaven – February 2020

Unity cannot be negotiated. It is the work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of men and women.

Changes Needed – January 2020

The Holy Spirit accomplishes more in a moment than man can in a lifetime. If we desire a true change, then we need the creative power of the Holy Spirit to work within us.


Fulfilled in the Last Days – December 2019

In order to posses the same thoughts and feelings of the lovely Jesus, we must receive the Holy Spirit.

Written in the Heart – November 2019

God’s law is eternal, it always has been and it always will be—it had no beginning and will have no end.

Scripture Predicts – October 2019

The beast that once received a deadly wound has healed and its image is about to speak like a dragon.

An Hour You Do Not Know – September 2019

Church members will fall into one of five categories when probation closes. Where will you be?

A Controversial Subject – August 2019

Church members will fall into one of five categories when probation closes. Where will you be?

Forbidden Ground – July 2019

Church members will fall into one of five categories when probation closes. Where will you be?

The Morning Star of Hope – June 2019

Church members will fall into one of five categories when probation closes. Where will you be?

Five Groups – May 2019

Church members will fall into one of five categories when probation closes. Where will you be?

Controversy over the Atonement – April 2019

After paying the penalty for the sins of man, Jesus interceded with his Father. The sins of the saved will finally be placed on the head of the scape goat and there will be peace for evermore.

Two Women and the Tribulation – March 2019

Revelation describes two women, each claiming Christ as her husband – one adorned with garments of glory, the other decked out in gold and dressed like a whore.

The Key to Understanding Revelation – February 2019

The sanctuary service and the book of Daniel are key to understanding the book of Revelation.

The 70th Week and the Rapture – January 2019

The 70 week prophecy of Daniel 9 is the only Bible prophecy pointing forward to Jesus’ baptism and was fulfilled by Him in A.D. 27 It has no further application for the end of time.


The Mystery of the Resurrection – December 2018

The same power that raised Christ from the dead will raise His church , and glorify it with Him.

The Occult Explosion – November 2018

For many years, television has softened people toward the occult, and now, many are attracted to the supernatural.

The Future Revealed – October 2018

In God’s word is revealed the code that unlocks the symbols to understand the future of this world and its inhabitants.

1888 For True Believers – September 2018

All true believers, new and old, will reflect the character of Jesus and be commandment keepers when Jesus returns

Someone Cares – August 2018

God made humans to be social creatures. There is a longing within every heart for true friendship. Happiness can be found in sacrificing for others. Remember, Jesus cares!

Stepping Stones – July 2018

The trials of this life on earth are the instruments used to develop a character this is fit for heaven. Whatever is allowed to enter the mind shapes the character making us who we are.

Faith or Feeling – June 2018

The senses have a mighty pull on the human psyche. however, the greatest counterfeit to faith is our feelings. Faith comes by hearing the Word and is strengthened by acting upon that Word regardless of how it feels.

Fanaticism in the Church – May 2018

Throughout history, those seeking truth have always had to fight against fanaticism. In his desperation to deceive the masses, Satan uses the overzealous and imbalanced to his advantage with their erroneous sentiments and doctrines.

The Great Controversy – April 2018

The war between Christ and Satan has raged since before this world was formed. Satan’s greatest fear is that someone will break his devious code and those living on this earth will become acquainted with his devices and overcome him in the name of the Lord.

Who and What Make Up a Church – March 2018

God’s church is composed of those who “follow the lamb withersoever He goeth”(Revelation 14:4). In Jesus’ day, many worshiped the temple and failed to recognize Jesus. So, today, many worship the church and fail to follow where He leads.

The Nature Of Christ – February 2018

The son of God and the son of man met in the person of Jesus. By His life and death He made a way possible for the fallen race to be saved defeating Satan in the flesh. All who have faith in him are the seed of Abraham and heirs of the promise

The Rich Young Ruler – January 2018

Jesus died that all who receive Him and follow may have eternal life. Unfortunately, not all take advantage of the free gift that is offered, choosing to remain within their own comfort zone


The Sin of Meroz – December 2017

Who will answer that call and use their talents in the saving of others? Who will be willing to sacrifice all, even their life for the Lord?

Fanaticism in the Church – November 2017

Like our first mother, Eve, most have learned to trust in their own wisdom of what is right or wrong. Many will be lost presuming God will accept their shortcomings, not because they were deceived, but because they did not believe the truth when it was presented to them.

Ordinance of the Lord’s House – October 2017

Just as every organized home has regulations in place for the peace and happiness of its inhabitants, God has instituted ordinances for His house. Following these will result in receiving all the blessings heaven can supply for this life and in the life to come.

Mighty Power of the Holy Spirit – September 2017

The first work of the Holy Spirit is to bring conviction and repentance. The Spirit then plants a seed in the heart that grows and develops so sins can be overcome. When a Christlike character is formed, we will be ready to meet Jesus when He returns.

The Rich Young Ruler – August 2017

God made humans to be social creatures, so there is a longing within every heart for true friendship. Happiness can be found in sacrificing for others. So remember, Jesus cares.

Traditions and Excuses Accepted – July 2017

Many find it easy to strictly keep God’s law until it goes against some personal belief. Placing tradition above the law of God led Caiaphas to rend his garment and cause the worst crime that has ever been committed — the crucifixion of the Savior.

Your Cross — What Does It Mean – June 2017

In a world full of narcissism, a few see the need to consider others before self. Jesus said to takes up His cross and follow Him. This command cuts directly across all natural inclinations towards selfishness and sin. To work for Jesus may cost but in losing even all, there is a great heavenly reward.

The Protestant – May 2017

Church policy and the Bible do not always agree. A Protestant opposes the intrusion of civil magistrate and protest against arbitrary authority of the church. The authority of the Word is above the authority of the church.

I Have Sent Them – April 2017

As the Father sent his son to recover His lost sheep, Jesus also sends those who have been rescued to work in His power to save others who have gone astray. Search in the highways and the byways and bring those who are lost back into the fold of safety.

Enduring Faith – March 2017

Faith and confidence in God dismisses fear and produces never failing strength to endure trials. The martyrs knew what would lessen the fierceness of the fire and the most cruel death was made bearable by beholding Christ.

A Different Spirit – February 2017

Jesus said, “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits”(1 John 4:1 NKJV). Two supernatural spirits are seeking to control the world. The idea that you can be independent is a delusion. The gospel is preached with the hope of turning the hearts of people from the power of Satan to the Creator God.

The Forbidden Marriage – January 2017

An intimate relationship exist between Christ and His church that needs nurturing. The devil’s plan is to separate the church from its Leader by uniting it with the world and causing it to be corrupted. Today the world has entered the church making it hard to distinguish the professed Christian from the worldly.