Bible Studies

Open BibleDoes the Bible sometimes seem baffling to you? Are you trying to find the Lord through His Word, but you don’t know where to begin? The Steps to Life (STL) Bible studies are designed to, step by step, lead you to the great truths of the Bible. The STL Bible studies are question and answer format. A question is asked then, you find the answer for yourself from the Bible reference given.

Thousands of people around the world have found the Steps to Life Bible studies helpful in their search for Bible truths. Try the STL Bible studies for yourself and find out what treasures the Bible has in store for you.

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Bible Studies by Marshall Grosboll
*S-1. Is the Bible God’s Word?
1. How to Understand the Bible
2. How to Pray
3. Satan, Our Enemy
4. Jesus, Our Friend
5. The New Birth
6. Christ Cleanses the Temple
7. Getting Started With Prophecy
8. What Will the Next Life Be Like?
9. Our Redeemer, The Theme of Prophecy
10. Jesus Returns to Earth
11. The New-covenant Ministry of Jesus
12. God’s Court of Justice
13. By What Standard Will We Be Judged?
14. The Sign of Allegiance to God
15. The Beast
16. The Mark of the Beast
*S-2. The United States in Prophecy
*S-3. Speaking in Tongues
17. Where Are the Dead?
18. Would God Burn Sinners Forever?
19. When Will the Judgment Begin?
20. The Thousand-year Reign of the Saved
21. Elijah Returns
22. God’s People Identified
23. God’s Final Generation
24. Baptism
25. Preparing for Eternity
26. The Christian’s Dress and Adornment
27. God’s Treasurers
28. Stewards of Time
29. Sanctified Homes
30. “So Send I You”
*S-4. New Covenant Ceremonies

*NOTE: A few lessons have been added to the original series, which are called supplemental lessons and are indicated by an “S”. They have been inserted where they should go.