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2021 August

Editorial – You Also Be Ready

There are many inspired statements that tell us exactly what we are to do and the condition that we are to be in to be ready for the second coming of Jesus.

Knowing the Truth is Not Enough

Why is it not enough to have the truth? We read in Romans 1:18,... It is not enough to just know the truth.

Latter Rain Expectations

Concerning the fruitage of the latter rain, we read, “By thousands of voices, all over the earth, the warning will be given. …

Sudden Death

Suppose a sudden disaster occurred on planet earth, and all life came to an end except for one – you. The whole planet, everywhere you look, the cities and the great works of mankind are broken down and burned,...

Inspiration – The Promise of Final Triumph

And yet, with God’s help, His servants will finally triumph. “Wherefore,” My brethren, “I desire that ye faint not” (Ephesians 3:13), because of the trying experiences that are before you.

Story – Joshua

Joshua was a tall black man, a Zulu, in Africa. He wore a long, white robe, and always carried a Bible in his hand or under his arm. But Joshua was in prison.

Keys – The Secure Anchor

As we evaluate our own lives, the things we read, watch, listen to, wear, pursue, what we say, how we use our means, how we spend our time – in prayer, in study – are we able to clearly see where we are anchored?

Nature – Creatures of the Air

Add to this package highly efficient digestive and respiratory systems, a large and powerful heart, and feathers that streamline, insulate, and provide the necessary lift for wings and tail, and it is easy to understand how Solomon could describe a bird in the air as a sight “too wonderful for me” (Proverbs 30:18, 19).

Question – How Do I Know That I’m a Christian?

Question - How Do I Know That I’m a Christian?