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2002 April

Editorial – The Church that Appears to Fall- Part II

A professed Christian church that becomes united to the world and to the papacy is, by those acts, standing under sentence of being divorced of God. It is proper for a church to be subservient to civil laws of any state where she resides,...

The First Lie, Part I

Then he used deceit on Eve. What was the first lie that the devil told Eve in the Garden of Eden? You will not die. (See Genesis 3:4.)

Will the Real Seventh-day Adventist Protestant Please Stand Up?

We, as Seventh-day Adventists, have already seen what has happened to Protestantism today. There was a time when Protestants would protest all the corrupt practices of apostate churches and promote true, biblical Christianity.

Wake Up and Blow the Trumpet – An Appeal to Live the Truth and Share It

Those who are at ease in Zion need to be aroused. Great is their accountability who bear the truth and yet feel no weight or burden for souls. Oh, for men and women professing the truth to arouse, to take on the yoke of Christ, to lift His burdens.

The Seed – Part I

The germ in the seed grows by the unfolding of the life-principle which God has implanted. Its development depends upon no human power.

The Consecrated Way – Knowledge – Part II

The second rung of Peter’s ladder, as we begin to reach toward heaven in our consecrated way, is knowledge. Last month we looked at the first rung of virtue, having been reinforced by faith.

Inspiration – The Bible Our Guide

The Bible is not exalted to its rightful place among the books of the world, although its study is of infinite importance to the souls of men.

Restoring the Temple – Spring Fever

In the United States, where we have four seasons, allergy season starts in the spring and can extend through the fall. In those regions where the only seasons are Wet and Hot, allergies may know no season.

Children’s Story – The Big Six

The Big Six were about the best group of boys in Grant School. They had finally asked him to join them. Now, if he passed the "test" that the fellows had decided on, he would be a member in good standing of the Big Six.

Food for Life – Westphal’s Pickles

Withstanding Temptation A few potent thoughts for this month from the little book “Confrontation” beginning with page 10: “Adam and Eve came forth from the hand of their Creator in the perfection of every physical, mental, and spiritual endowment. God planted for them a garden, and surrounded them with everything that was lovely and attractive ... Read more

Bible Study Guides – Impossibilities Made Possible

April 28- May 4, 2002 - It is not faith to talk of impossibilities. Nothing is impossible with God. The light of the binding claims of the law of God is to test and prove the world.

Bible Study Guides – The True Meaning of Sacrifice

May 5-11, 2002 - Nothing should be too dear to sacrifice for the salvation of the scattered and torn flock of Jesus. Those who make a covenant with God by sacrifice now, will soon be gathered home to share a rich reward, and possess the new kingdom forever and ever.

Bible Study Guides – The Scriptures a Safeguard

May 12-18, 2002 - We should search the Scriptures diligently in order that we may have an understanding of the claims that Christ has upon us, and that we may have right views of the truth.

Bible Study Guides – Prophecy a Stabilizer

May 19-25, 2002 - How does prophecy confirm faith in the existence of God and the validity of the Bible as His inspired Word? John 13:18, 19.

All Bible texts, unless appearing in quoted references or otherwise identified, are from the New King James Version.