LandMarks Magazine Contents

2006 August

Editorial – Unity and Dissonance, Part IV

The time has come when we should hear less in favor of the regular lines. If we can get away from the regular lines into something which, though irregular, is after God’s order, it may cut away something of the irregular working which has led away from Bible principles.

Watchmen Unto the House of Israel, Part I

They are set as watchmen, to warn men of their peril. The truth received from Christ must be imparted to all, freely and openly.”

Behold, the Bridegroom Cometh, Part I

The long-anticipated cry, “Behold, the bridegroom cometh,” came at midnight, the darkest time of the night hours. It is predicted in this story that Jesus will return again in the darkest period of earth’s history.

Christ Our Righteousness, Part I

But how can I know that Jesus, with His righteousness, is living within my heart and my mind?

A Finished Work – The Future

In Exodus 40:33 is recorded a started work that was finished: “And he reared up the court round about the tabernacle and the altar, and set up the hanging of the court gate. So Moses finished the work.”

The Ten Commandments, Part XIV – ’Til Death Do us Part’

In faithful, lifelong committed relationships—those in which the partners say, and really mean, “ ’til death do us part”—we have the opportunity to mirror something that is divine.

Children’s Story – Small Corners

“Because they are in my corner,” Georgia said, brightly. “ ‘You in your small corner,’ you know, ‘and I in mine.’ I will do the best I can; that is all I can do.”

The Pen of Inspiration – Tithes and Offerings

Covetousness is idolatry; and it was to aid us in keeping the commandments that God originated the plan for tithes and offerings.

Nature Nugget – Poison Dart Frogs

In the warm, humid rainforests of tropical Central and South America lives a group of small, colorful frogs known as poison dart frogs. These frogs are some of the most poisonous creatures on earth.

Restoring the Temple – Responsibility of Health Reform

As we near the close of time, we must rise higher and still higher upon the question of health reform and Christian temperance, presenting it in a more positive and decided manner. 

Bible Study Guides – Tithing, Part II

August 27, 2006 - September 2, 2006 - The Scriptures mention tithing in connection with the history of Abraham. The father of the faithful paid tithes to Melchisedec, ‘priest of the Most High God.’ [Genesis 14:18.]

Bible Study Guides – Tithing, Part III

September 3, 2006 - September 9, 2006 - What did the Saviour teach concerning tithing? Matthew 23:23. note: “Never, by word or deed, did Jesus lessen man’s obligation to present gifts and offerings to God....

Bible Study Guides – Tithing, Part IV

September 10, 2006 - September 16, 2006 - God has specified one tenth of the increase. This is left to the conscience and benevolence of men, whose judgment in this tithing system should have free play.

Bible Study Guides – A Divine Legacy, Part I

September 17, 2006 - September 23, 2006 - “For the poor shall never cease out of the land: therefore I command thee, saying, Thou shalt open thine hand wide unto thy brother, to thy poor, and to thy needy, in thy land.” Deuteronomy 15:11.

Bible Study Guides – A Divine Legacy, Part II

September 24, 2006 - September 30, 2006 - "...he hath given to the poor: his righteousness remaineth for ever. Now he that ministereth seed to the sower both minister bread for [your] food, and multiply your seed sown, and increase the fruits of your righteousness.”

All Bible texts, unless appearing in quoted references or otherwise identified, are from the New King James Version.