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2004 December

Editorial – Counsel from the True Witness

Why, oh, why, have you disregarded the voice of warning and reproof? Why did you not receive the light, and render to the Master earnest, sincere service? Had you been meek and lowly of heart,...

The Seven Churches, Part III – The Church of Smyrna

ook at what Scripture says about the church of Smyrna: “I know your works, tribulation, and poverty (but you are rich) . . . .” Revelation 2:9. You think you are poor, but you are actually rich.

Words, Part II

Friends, the things we have been studying are the way in which people talk in heaven. They do not speak any unpleasant words there. There are no loud, angry-voiced commands there, no angry, passionate words. They do not utter any unpleasant words there.

Spiritualism, Part II

There are many who think that Spiritualism is upheld through trickery and imposture, but this is far from the truth. Superhuman power is working in a variety of ways, and few have any idea as to what will be the manifestations of Spiritualism in the future.

Shaken, Sifted, Settled, and Sealed, Part III

The settling time is also closely connected with the sealing time, for the decisions made in the sifting and settling are “sealed” forever. Shortly after the sealing come the last great deceptions of Satan.

The Intercession Connection

Just as the Israelites could not offer thank offerings in the Old Covenant without the intercession of the priests, we cannot offer praise offerings without the intercession of Christ. His intercession makes our prayers and our praise acceptable.

Rein, Rain, Reign

As I have pondered about the Holy Spirit, three identical sounding words—homophones—came to my mind: rein, rain, and reign. They sound exactly the same, but they are quite different in spelling and definition.

Ask the Pastor – How to Cope with the Last Days

Question: It is troubling for me to study about the last days. When I read that the majority are going to forsake us, I find myself weeping. How are we to deal with these conditions which we even now see coming at us from all directions?

Children’s Story – Moses the Cat

Because of how fiercely the kitten had struggled to hold on to the roots, I was afraid that it would fight me like a little tiger, but when I held it close, it melted into my chest. Almost immediately I heard a soft, gentle purring. “Hello, Moses,” I whispered.

Restoring the Temple – Diet and Spirituality

“The diet has much to do with the disposition to enter into temptation and commit sin.” Ibid., 52. “Our own strength is weakness, but that which God gives is mighty, and will make every one who obtains it more than conqueror.” Ibid., 53.

The Pen of Inspiration – The First and the Second Advent

Between the first and the second advent of Christ a wonderful contrast will be seen. No human language can portray the scenes of the second coming of the Son of Man in the clouds of heaven.

Nature Nugget – Dove Invasion

Over a 44-year period during the past century, the Collared-Dove expanded its range westward by 1,800 miles, covering most of Europe at an average rate of 41 miles per year.

Food for Life – Carob Sweets

Recipe - Carob Sweets - 1 cup almonds, soaked in water overnight 1 cup walnuts, soaked in water overnight Drain off water and grind the nuts together...

Bible Study Guides – Can We Depend on God’s Word Today?

December 26, 2004 - January 1, 2005 - Those who turn from the beaten path marked out in God’s word, because it suits their feelings better to do so than to walk according to the commandment, leave the light, and are enshrouded in darkness. Peace of mind, happiness, and heaven are sacrificed for the sake ... Read more

Bible Study Guides – The Inspiration of Scripture

January 2, 2005 - January 8, 2005 - The difficulties of Scripture have been urged by skeptics as an argument against the Bible; but so far from this, they constitute a strong evidence of its divine inspiration.

Bible Study Guides – The Difference Between the Roman Catholic and the Protestant View of the Bible

January 9, 2005 - January 15, 2005 - What was the Roman Catholic attitude toward the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures and Bible Translations at the time of the Protestant Reformation? What is the Protestant position on this subject? Acts 22:2; 11 Timothy 4:13; 1 Corinthians 14:19.

Bible Study Guides – How to Study the Bible

January 16, 2005 - January 22, 2005 - Let everyone study the Bible, knowing that the word of God is as enduring as the eternal throne. If you come to the study of the Scriptures in humility, with earnest prayer for guidance, angels of God will open to you its living realities;...

Bible Study Guides – How to Understand the Bible

January 23, 2005 - January 29, 2005 - We should carefully study the Bible, asking God for the aid of the Holy Spirit, that we may understand His word. We should take one verse, and concentrate the mind on the task of ascertaining the thought which God has put in that verse for us.

All Bible texts, unless appearing in quoted references or otherwise identified, are from the New King James Version.