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2019 January

Editorial – How the Holy Spirit Works

It is through the Spirit that Christ dwells in us; and the Spirit of God, received into the heart by faith, is the beginning of the life eternal.

Sabbath in the Time of Jesus

When on earth, Jesus had many controversies with the Jews over the Sabbath. Who better to understand the meaning of Sabbath than the Creator Himself, but the Jews had conjured up a lot of manmade rules they thought would make them holy.

The Assurance of Salvation

It is one of the most forcible illustrations given us of the struggles and temptations of humanity, and of genuine repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

A Concept of God

certain ideas cause men to hate God; others to serve Him from fear; and others inspire men to adore Him so ardently that they delight to do His will and wish they could spend an eternity with Him.

Tour of Waldensian Valleys

Protestant scholars and Waldensian theologians themselves began to regard the Waldensians as early forerunners of the Reformation

Inspiration – Go Forward

“Go forward.” They were not to wait until the way was made plain, and they could comprehend the entire plan of their deliverance. God’s cause is onward, and He will open a path before His people.

Keys to the Storehouse – You!

You are very special! Jesus loves you and He loves me. Jesus died for you and He died for me. You are very special! Jesus loves you and He loves me. Jesus died for you and He died for me.

Question and Answer – Did the witch of Endor really see Samuel appear from the dead in 1 Samuel 28:12?

Its object was not to lead Saul to repentance, but to urge him on to ruin; and this is not the work of God, but of Satan.

Health – A Natural Detox Reboot

These tiny vessels closely align with your circulatory system, cleaning the fluid around your cells, outside the bloodstream. Lymph vessels also house many of your immune cells.

Life Sketches – Meeting the Lord Together

For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first.

Children’s Story – The Shoemaker of Hackleton

And since you’re the oldest, you’ll have to find a job and go to work. We need the money you can earn.

Food – 2018 Clean and Dirty Food List

we are given the freedom to know what may or may not have more pesticide residues. We are given the freedom to choose our foods and to plan how to manage them and to know what vegetables and fruits need extra cleaning and preparation before serving.

Recipe – Parmesan Cheese, Delicious and Simple

Vegan Parmesan Cheese recipe

Lessons from the Life of David – Developing Character

January 27 – February 2, 2019 No form of vice has a more baleful effect upon the character than has human passion not under the control of the Holy Spirit. No other victory we can gain will be so precious as the victory gained over self

Lessons from the Life of David – David and Saul

February 3 – 9, 2019 When Saul was repeatedly placed in his power, and his followers would have killed him, David would not permit them to do so, although he was in continual fear of his own life, and was pursued like a wild beast by Saul.

Lessons from the Life of David – Danger in Compromise

February 10 – 16, 2019 - He reviewed his past eventful life. Wherein had the Lord ever forsaken him? His soul was refreshed in recalling the many evidences of God’s favor. The followers of David, by their discontent and impatience, made their affliction doubly grievous; but the man of God, having even greater cause for ... Read more

Lessons from the Life of David – The Humble Exalted

February 17 – 23, 2019 - His religious character was sincere and fervent. It was while David was thus true to God, and possessing these exalted traits of character, that God calls him a man after his own heart

All Bible texts, unless appearing in quoted references or otherwise identified, are from the New King James Version.