LandMarks Magazine Contents

1997 June

Editorial — Stumbling Along

Nathanael was walking in the light as far as he had received it, and God did not permit him to stumble along in ignorance and blindness

The Sealing and the Sealer

Have we so lived that the Holy Spirit has placed the seal of the living God upon us? Brethren, how long before we will be ready for the seal of God?

Ye Would Not

When Jesus came, He was treated as though He came to His enemies. No one, who was looking on, would have guessed He had come to His friends.

Children’s Story — On the Road Home

Going home! Going home! Going home! We were bubbling over with joy at the prospect. It had been a long year in what seemed like a different world.

The Shadow of the Stanton Controversy, part 3

Not everyone who claims to be a Seventh day Adventist is acknowledged as such by God. There is a difference between the professed church and the true church.

We Have Nothing to Fear Save We Forget

We have nothing to fear in the future save we forget how He has lead us in the past. Today this statement is truer than it ever has been in the past.

The Significance of 666

666, is the number of a man. In the Catholic Bible in the note under Revelation 13:18 it says: “The numeral letters of his name shall make up this number.”

Food for Life — Summer is Here, Spring is Past !

Spring has gone, and summer opens before us. The fragrant blossoms no longer delight the eye, and their sweet fragrance is not borne to us on the breeze.

The Three Shakings

First the church shakes. Second, the nations shake. And third, the earth shakes. The shaking is painful, but it is necessary.

John Knox the Reformer

Many years ago, a man was born in Scotland in whose hands rested the continuation and success of the Reformation. His name was John Knox.

All Bible texts, unless appearing in quoted references or otherwise identified, are from the New King James Version.