LandMarks Magazine Contents

1997 March

Editorial — Not Ignorant of His Devices, part 1

Presumption is Satan’s counterfeit of faith. Faith claims God’s promises, and brings forth obedience, but presumption uses them to excuse transgression.

The Shadow of the Stanton Controversy, part 1

We address the accusation that Historic Adventism does not believe in the definition of the church described in the Stanton manuscripts by Ellen White.

A Bear Is Better

The wise man was not making an exaggerated statement when he warned us that a furious mother bear was less to be feared than the deceit of a fool.

Driven With the Wind

Willard Santee delivered a series at Prophecy Countdown. As a result John Osborne made the statement, "I don’t want to be a historic Seventh-day Adventist."

News Update from the South Pacific

Kul's group was to meet and tell the SDA brethren more of their work. Upon arriving they were punched, kicked, beaten and chased, by GC supporters.

Having No Root

Persecution and tribulation are as the sun. Can a plant grow without the sun? We need trials to prepare us for Heaven, so that we will be ready for it.

Children’s Corner — Trapped

I love harvest time. When the leaves on the trees are yellow, and the air is fresh and chilly and scented with the smell of freshly harvested grain.

The Church in the Wilderness, part 2

Among the developing apostasy, there remained individuals and groups who refused to be caught up in the terrible apostasy prevailing in the church.

Sinful Independence, part 4

Independence that puts human wisdom and authority above God’s wisdom and authority, making man independent of God, is sinful independence.

Food For Life — Exercise

Inactivity is a cause of disease. Exercise quickens and equalizes the circulation of the blood, but in idleness the blood does not circulate freely.

All Bible texts, unless appearing in quoted references or otherwise identified, are from the New King James Version.