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2010 May

Editor’s Letter – The Investigative Judgment

In this judgment every person who has ever lived will find his destiny. If a person continues to live in sin and never overcomes it (study Revelation 21:5–7), his name will be blotted out of the Book of Life (see Exodus 32:33).

What is a Harlot Church?

...This principle must apply to any harlot church. I do not want to be misunderstood, and I did not call the Seventh-day Adventist church Babylon.

Don’t Take the Lord’s Name in Vain

There are serious consequences for breaking the third commandment and taking God’s name in vain. Why are we held guilty if we take His name in vain? What acts do we commit that amount to taking His name in vain?

Worthy of Imitating

A church of believers worthy of imitating is a church teaching and practicing the truth and has a balance in church activities. Our God is a very organized and orderly God so His church is also properly organized and orderly waiting for His return.

Jesus Opens the Holy Place

Christ the Lamb of God had given His life on the cross to save the sinner and now He would ascend to heaven to be dedicated as our high priest in the Holy Place of the sanctuary in heaven.

Signs for Us

Jesus said that certain things are going to transpire. These prophecies are landmarks. It first said there would be signs, an earthquake, then a sign in the sun, then a sign in the moon and signs in the stars.

Keys to the Storehouse – Our Spiritual Nose

We do not want our spiritual nose to be the cause or source of developing dis-ease among the body by spreading germs. We need to have a Christlike spiritual nose.

Pen of Inspiration – A Timely Message

In Christ, the Word of God gives you the right of way to spiritual blessing; but it is a way of self-denial and self-sacrifice; it is a way of self-control and self-discipline. The character of Christ may become your character; His spirit, your spirit.

Q&A – Baptism in the Holy Spirit; what does that mean?

To baptize is to initiate or to begin a process of transformation. This process is brought into existence through the Holy Spirit, but each of us must yield our hearts so that transformation can take place in our lives.

Health – Medicinal Oats

Oats are a soothing, demulcent, nourishing food. They are taken as an important restorative in nervous disorders, as they seem to support the heart muscles and urinary organs.

Children’s Story – Little Lamb

Many of you have had a pet dog or a pet cat, but what about a pet chicken, bird, rabbit, duck or fish? Well, I have had all those things and more, but I want to tell you a story about our pet lamb!

Nature – The Giant Algae

Growing in cold, clear, nutrient-rich marine environments are underwater forests of giant plants known as kelp. Kelp are large seaweeds (algae) belonging to a class known as the brown algae.

Food – Temperance

Temperance is a big word. Merriam Webster Dictionary defines it as moderation in action, thought, or feeling; restraint; habitual moderation in the indulgence of the appetites or passions; or as moderation in or abstinence from the use of intoxicating drinks.

Recipe – John’s Cabbage Salad

12 cups shredded Cabbage 4 cups diced tomatoes (I like Roma) 1 cup diced purple onion 1 cup diced cilantro ¾ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice 1 ½ tsp. minced garlic or granulated garlic 1 ½ tsp. salt, to taste Mix all ingredients well, adding the lemon juice last. This marinates well overnight. Adjust or ... Read more

Bible Study Guides – The Foundation of our Faith

May 30, 2010 - June 5, 2010 - “We cannot provide a robe of righteousness for ourselves, for the prophet says, ‘All our righteousnesses are as filthy rags’ (Isaiah 64:6). There is nothing in us from which we can clothe the soul so that its nakedness shall not appear."

Bible Study Guides – The Overcomer

June 6, 2010 - June 12, 2010 - Hear what the God of heaven says: ‘When I shall say to the righteous, that he shall surely live; if he trust to his own righteousness, and commit iniquity, all his righteousness shall not be remembered; but for his iniquity that he hath committed, he shall die ... Read more

Bible Study Guides – The Chosen and the Elect of God

June 13, 2010 - June 19, 2010 - “We cannot provide a robe of righteousness for ourselves, for the prophet says, ‘All our righteousnesses are as filthy rags’ (Isaiah 64:6). There is nothing in us from which we can clothe the soul so that its nakedness shall not appear.

Bible Study Guides – The Reward of the Faithful

June 20, 2010 - June 26, 2010 - “ ‘If any man’s work abide … he shall receive a reward.’ I Corinthians 3:14. Glorious will be the reward bestowed when the faithful workers gather about the throne of God and of the Lamb."

All Bible texts, unless appearing in quoted references or otherwise identified, are from the New King James Version.