LandMarks Magazine Contents

1996 November

Editorial – Who Are Loyal?

The one who is loyal will refuse to obey earthly powers if they require him to violate a command of God.

Which Church Do We Take Them To?

Do Historic Adventists have the same truth that the pioneers in Adventism taught and preached? Yes they do. Historic Adventists have been cast out for the precise reason that they have contended for the faith once delivered to the saints.

No Guile in Their Mouth

Those that gossip have guile in their mouth. The definition in the dictionary was "those that go from house to house tattling and telling news." Do we have guile in our mouth as far as gossiping is concerned?

Dangers of Compromise

Compromise is the most dangerous thing we can do for our souls. In the history of the Israelites there are many examples of failure, but fortunately, there are also encouraging examples as well.

Man Made Tests

To speak the truth in love means to walk in the truth, to practice the truth in the transactions of life, to walk worthy of the vocation wherewith we are called, doing works which correspond to the elevating influence of the truth.

Food For Life — November 1996

Disease never comes without a cause. The way is prepared, and disease invited, by disregard of the laws of health.

Witnessing to People At the State Fair

God is raising up a people for Himself, and a group of people who want to finish the work of getting out His last day message.

Children’s Corner — From Persecutor to Persecuted, part 3

The story up to this point: Until his teens, Philip was like many millions of children growing up in southern India. Then one day he was recruited by a radical political faction, the RSS, dedicated to eradicating all western influences from India.

Destruction of the French Protestants

Protestants whose names and labors drew the attention of Europe and French Protestant literature blossomed in the stormy seventeenth century.

Is It Time to Give Up Milk?

We were warned in 1902 "that the time will soon come when there will be no safety in using eggs, milk, cream, or butter, because disease in animals is increasing in proportion to the wickedness among men."

All Bible texts, unless appearing in quoted references or otherwise identified, are from the New King James Version.