LandMarks Magazine Contents

1997 October

Editorial — The Passive Generation

In 1964, it made national news when 38 people saw a person being killed in a large American city and not one of them did much to help the victim.

If the Foundations be Destroyed, part 1

We are to clearly understand the sanctuary and the investigative judgment. This is the central pillar and the foundation of our faith.

The Everlasting Gospel

Disobedience brought sin into this world. That means that the gospel that God has given must contain a plan for how disobedient people can be obedient.

Children’s Story — A Fjord a Ferry and a Lesson

A fjord is where the ocean water has cut a big lake into the land. It is similar to a bay, but it reaches farther into the land and has high side banks.

Food For Life — October 1997

It is a law of nature that our thoughts and feelings are encouraged and strengthened as we give them utterance. Our thoughts often follow words.

The Judgment

Why is there a need for a judgment? Does God need a judgment so that He can make up His mind about who is going to have eternal life and who is not?

I Have Kept My Father’s Sheep

People who have simple faith and trust in God, and take Him at His word, He can use. Be a learner of God and make sure that you improve the talents that you have.

Ye Must Be Born Again

Despite all of Nicodemus’ earthly advantages, he was in a state of spiritual darkness. Nicodemus lacked the experience of being born of the Spirit.

Unity Round Table

The world wants unity; they want harmony. And they try to manufacture it in clubs and organizations that use rules and bylaws to try to create unity.

If the Foundations be Destroyed, part 2

The subject of the cleansing of the sanctuary in Daniel 8:10–14 has a very serious message for every person in the world. That is what Adventism is about.

Romans 7, part 2

Last month we looked at the first two symbols that Paul uses in Romans 7 to illustrate the conversion process. This month we will look at the last two.

All Bible texts, unless appearing in quoted references or otherwise identified, are from the New King James Version.