LandMarks Magazine Contents

1998 October

Editorial — Those Who Will Receive the Holy Spirit

The confession and forsaking of sin, prepared the disciples for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The same work, only in greater degree, must be done now.

A House Divided

A house divided against itself cannot stand. Satan and his angels are actively at work to secure a harvest from seed thus sown.

New Theology

Ellen White urged immediate action to forestall the invasion of the New Theology teachings that God had revealed would soon enter the church in the end time.

Children’s Story — Muriel ’s Bright Idea

Muriel is a daughter in a large family. They are in moderate circumstances, and the original breadwinner has been long gone; so the young children work.

Beware the Mockingbird

Mockingbirds are everywhere. You can find them on billboards, in magazines. You can find them in church. Sometimes the mockingbird sings inside of us.

Food for Life — Health Laws

The transgression of physical law is the transgression of God’s law. Jesus is the author of our being. He has created the human structure and it's laws.

The Approaching Time of Crisis

This is the time for action, not for indolence and spiritual stupor. Satan is preparing his forces with a power from beneath, and so we need to prepare.

SDA Roots, part 5

A great revival developed as a result of Miller’s preaching. People flocked to his meetings from all over. His lectures really made an impression.

All Bible texts, unless appearing in quoted references or otherwise identified, are from the New King James Version.