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2001 October

Editorial – Living By Every Word, Part V

A big part of tradition is the idea that the common man must have help in explaining or interpreting the Word of God. This help is supposed to be given him by the church,...

The Gideon Story

Then Gideon was scared. He said, I have been talking with God. Alas! The Lord said, Do not be afraid. Do not fear. Keep that in mind, because dealing with fear is a big part of the Gideon story.

The Christian Goal and the Self-View

An enormous amount of confusion and misunderstanding has resulted from the wide-spread failure to recognize that in both the Bible and in the Spirit of Prophecy there is a clear and distinct difference between the Christian goal and the Christian self-view.

The Church – Part II

And yet the general opinion is that the church is flourishing and that peace and spiritual prosperity are in all her borders. The church has turned back from following Christ her Leader and is steadily retreating toward Egypt.” [A state of sinful living.] Testimonies, vol. 5, 217.

Apostasy and Revival

The reason for the apostasy was that Israel turned away from God’s holy, just, and good Law. They found themselves in darkness. However, they did not think they were in darkness.

Do You Want Freedom?

Do you feel trapped? Are you weighed down with unwanted habits? Do you want freedom from smoking, overeating, a hot temper, etc.? Have you tried again and again to stop, but do not know how?

Inspiration – Heaven’s Part in Life’s Conflict

Angels of God are commissioned from heaven to guard the children of men, and yet they draw away from their restraining influences and go where they can have communication with the evil angels.

Restoring the Temple – Divine Power Created Us

If you believe that Divine Power created us, then you can and must believe that that same power can make us whole. If God made the earth, the seas, the stars, and each intricate particle of living creatures,...

Children’s Story – Don’t You Go to Church?

“Don’t you ever go to church?” she asked. “No, I don’t go to church.” he said. “What! You never go to meetings? That is why you don’t know my father. He is the minister.”

Food for Life – Nut Banana Loaf

“The word organic has a specific meaning in chemistry and describes any compound based on carbon. Carbon dioxide, methane, and butane, as well as fat, starch, sugar, and protein are examples of natural organic compounds. In addition to compounds found in nature, modern science has created synthetic organic compounds. Nylon, for example, is a synthetic ... Read more

Bible Study Guides – Faith

We need a living experience. In faith we are only like little children learning to walk. As a child takes its first steps, it often totters and falls; but it gets up again, and finally learns that it can walk alone.

Bible Study Guides – Salvation

Abandon the idea that temporal or spiritual advantages will win for you salvation. God calls for your willing obedience. He asks you to give up your sins. ‘To him that overcometh,’ Christ declares,...

Bible Study Guides – The Gospel

How to exercise faith…is the science of the gospel. The Scripture declares, ‘Without faith it is impossible to please God.’ The knowledge of what the Scripture means when urging upon us the necessity of cultivating faith, is more essential than any other knowledge that can be acquired.

Bible Study Guides – Glory: Show Me Thy Glory

The glory of God is His character.…This character was revealed in the life of Christ. That He might by His own example condemn sin in the flesh, He took upon Himself the likeness of sinful flesh.

All Bible texts, unless appearing in quoted references or otherwise identified, are from the New King James Version.