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2017 October

Editorial – The Secret of Christian Success

This is a major reason professed Christians do not receive the Holy Spirit even when they pray for it

The Happiest Place on Earth

If we do not overcome the temptation to dissatisfaction, we will lose heaven. It is a habit that once it gains a hold in your mind will eventually lead to dissatisfaction with everything. If you were taken to heaven, you would eventually be dissatisfied with the Lord Himself.

The Approaching Storm

The fishing boat was taking on water and the disciples were so absorbed in trying to save themselves from the raging storm on the lake that they completely forgot that Jesus was on Board.

When a Curse is a Blessing

Our God of love and mercy gave freely and abundantly all that was good, that which would produce joy, happiness, and eternal life of bliss. But man, seeing another choice and deeming it better, distrusted and took that which seems better in his own eyes.

Michael’s Two Miracles

“Please, Jesus, make the calf bawl!” Michael prayed as he plunged ahead on the path. He had only taken a few steps when he tripped and fell heavily onto a snow-shrouded bush.

Current Events – Final Movements Will Be Rapid

We are living in the time of the end. The fast-fulfilling signs of the times declare that the coming of Christ is near at hand. The days in which we live are solemn and important. The Spirit of God is gradually but surely being withdrawn from the earth.

Keys to the Storehouse – Forgiveness

Forgiveness does not create character. Many believe that all they need is to be forgiven and they are ready to go to heaven. Could that belief be wrong?

Pen of Inspiration – Rejoice in the Lord

Put away all fretting and complaining; for these things are a snare of the devil. Let us make a pledge before God and the heavenly angels that we will not dishonor our Maker by cherishing darkness and unbelief, by speaking words of discouragement and mistrust. Let every word we utter, every line we write, be ... Read more

Question & Answer – How is the third hour of the day determined in Mark 15:25, Acts 2:15?

The Jewish people divided the twenty-four-hour day into two great divisions—the day, the light part, and the night, the dark part. The light part was subdivided into four sections; namely, the third hour, the sixth hour, the ninth hour, and the evening. The light part of the day began at six o’clock in the morning. ... Read more

Health – Sunlight and Physical Fitness

There seems to be conclusive evidence that sunlight produces a metabolic effect in the body that is very similar to physical training. Tuberculosis patients being treated by sunbathing have been observed to have well-developed muscles with very little fat, even though they have not exercised for months.

Life Sketches – Kicking Against the Pricks

“I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting. It is hard for you to kick against the pricks.” Those forcible words illustrate a truth that everyone in this world someday will know and understand. There are still millions of people in the world who are kicking against the pricks.

Food – Figgy Figs

Figs have been known to have many medicinal properties. Traditional medicine around the world has made use of figs as poultices on tumors, warts, and wounds. The fruit and leaves have been pulverized and gargled to relieve sore throats.

Recipe – Fig and Banana Cookies

Fig and Banana Cookies

Bible Study Guides – Insights from the Book of Isaiah (1) – Our Compassionate Father

October 29 – November 4 - Do not listen to the enemy’s suggestion to stay away from Christ until you have made yourself better, until you are good enough to come to God. If you wait until then you will never come.

Insights from the Book of Isaiah (1) – Unbelief by Confederacy

November 5 – 11 - Satan is moving with his power from beneath to inspire men to form alliances and confederacies of evil against light and against the word of God. Infidelity, papacy, and semi-papacy are coming in close and powerful companionship with professed Christianity.

Insights from the Book of Isaiah (1) – Hezekiah

November 12-18 - In the crisis, Hezekiah proved to be a man of opportunity. No sooner had he ascended the throne than he began to plan and to execute. He first turned his attention to the restoration of the temple services, so long neglected.

Insights from the Book of Isaiah (1) – Pride and Humility

November 19-25 - Judah’s only hope was now in God. All possible help from Egypt had been cut off, and no other nations were near to lend a friendly hand.

All Bible texts, unless appearing in quoted references or otherwise identified, are from the New King James Version.