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2008 September

Editorial – The Time of Uncertainty

Nowhere is this more dangerous than in the predictions of people who have never had documented visions or dreams from God. The amount of material predicting the future today is greater than ever before.

All for Jesus

Without complete surrender, and dependence on Him, one can never find the peace or love that God offers. “In giving ourselves to God, we must necessarily give up all that would separate us from Him. Hence the Saviour says:...


What, though, does God call us to surrender? Anything that comes between us and Him. It is the infinite love of our Heavenly Father which prompts Him to ask for the removal of any barrier between Himself and His beloved creation.

Christ’s Workshop

In Christ’s workshop, our hardships will be used to sharpen our awareness of His character and give us trust in His arm and strength to endure for Him.


The only remedy for self-deception is self-examination. This is how we are enabled to guard against a wrong judgment of our spiritual condition.

Pen of Inspiration – Giving All to God

It is the strength of the entire being that God requires. He requires of you a separation from the world and the things of the world.

Wholeness in Christ

The vast majority of men and women are searching desperately for a wholeness that they cannot seem to find. What most do not realize is that there is no completeness without Jesus Christ.

Question and Answer – Perfect on Earth?

Are we really supposed to be perfect on earth or is that a prophecy for when we go to heaven?

Health – Deadly Meats

...we see headlines like, “Meat Consumption Linked to Cancer,” “Mad Cow Killer,” and “Is your Steak at Stake?” proclaiming the dangers of meat-eating.

Nature – Rattlesnakes

Rattlesnakes are most famous for their rattles, which are located at the tips of their tails. The rattle is used as a warning device when threatened with being stepped on or predated.

Children’s Story – Relay for Life

The dogs had been sent out just this morning on a relay for the diphtheria serum. Already 28 children had died of the disease in this very room. “Please, Lord,” Mama begged, “please do not let Ranahta be the 29th.”

Food – Biblical Nutrition

We will have yet another change in our diet in heaven. It is clear that all living species will be returned once again to a vegetarian diet.

Recipe – Garlic Penne Noodles

3 cups uncooked penne pasta ½ large bulb garlic 1 medium onion 1 12.3 oz. Mori-nu extra firm tofu Cashew milk Salt to taste Cook noodles according to directions on box. Chop ¾ of onion and sauté. Add to drained cooked noodles. Blend remaining onion, garlic, salt and tofu together. Add cashew milk to create ... Read more

Bible Study Guides – Patience

September 28, 2008 - October 4, 2008 - Patience pours the balm of peace and love into the experiences of the home life. … Patience will seek for unity in the church, in the family, and in the community. This grace must be woven into our lives.

Bible Study Guides – Brotherly Kindness

October 5, 2008 - October 11, 2008 - “Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another.” Romans 12:10.

Bible Study Guides – Brotherly Kindness (continued)

October 12, 2008 - October 18, 2008 - The virtue of this grace of brotherly kindness characterized the life of Christ. Never was such courtesy exhibited upon the earth as Christ revealed, and we cannot overestimate its value.

Bible Study Guides – God’s Love

October 19, 2008 - October 25, 2008 - The gospel is the revelation of God’s love to men, and means everything that is essential to the happiness and well-being of humanity.

All Bible texts, unless appearing in quoted references or otherwise identified, are from the New King James Version.