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LandMarks Magazine is dedicated to the publication of the historic doctrines held by God’s true people in all ages. Its purpose is to help all of God’s remnant people to press together in unity, holding high the banner on which is inscribed the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. Land Marks is also a publication devoted to presenting the firm principles of the Bible and inspiration. Every article contains information of vital importance to people that want to be prepared for Christ’s soon coming.

Because signs of the times indicate that the return of our Saviour is rapidly approaching, we are anxious to spread the three angels’ messages as quickly as possible to every nation, kindred, tongue and people. Therefore we are now offering subscriptions to LandMarks upon a donation basis, shipped bulk mail to US addresses only. If you cannot afford to make a donation to support distribution of this truth-filled publication, you may receive a free subscription upon request (US addresses only). We respectfully ask that you do not ask for a free subscriptions for anyone other than yourself. However, we will send a sample issue to others upon your request, and include with it an offer for a free subscription. We just want to ensure that only those who are genuinely interested in historic Adventist truths receive LandMarks. Thank you for your understanding.

Pastor John J. Grosboll
Managing Editor
Judy Rebarchek
Graphic Design
Martin Bernar
Contributing Editor
Lynette Golia

USA– 12 issues: FREE (Suggested donation $35.00)
CAN– 12 issues: (Cost of postage only)
Overseas– 12 issues: (Cost of postage only)

To order a subscription call:
1-316-788-5559 or 1-800-843-8788
If you are unable to purchase a subscription, request a gift subscription (US address only).
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