Lesson 26 – The Christian’s Dress and Adornment

box of jewelsIntroduction: “Jesus Christ . . . gave Himself for us, that He might . . .purify for Himself His own special people, zealous for good works” (Titus 2:13,14). When we really love Jesus we will be zealous to glorify Him in the way we live. This involves such practical matters as eating, dressing, giving, spending our time, relating to family members, and witnessing. These things will not save us, but if Jesus is abiding in our hearts we will be growing more and more like Him every day. These last six lessons discuss these issues. Our topic today is on how to dress to the glory of Christ.

1. What did Jesus say about the way men look at women? Matt. 5:27-29 [Note: God made the home for perfect compatibility. He made the man to notice his wife, and the woman to be noticed by her husband. But when men lust, or women dress to invite lust, outside of marriage, it is adultery. Thus the Bible deals with men’s eyes and women’s dress. [The Further-study verses are Prov. 4:25; Heb. 4:12; Mark 7:21; Isa. 55:7; Ps. 139:23, 24]

2. How are wives to be submissive to their husbands? 1 Peter 3:1-5 [Ans: By modesty in conduct, conversation, and dress. God made men and women equal, but in the home He made the wife to be submissive to her husband’s godly affections (not the world’s). Women are not to seek the world’s attraction by wearing outward ornamentation. Submission was to help create peace and happiness for wives, but in sin men have often exploited their wives rather than loving them and encouraging them to reach their potential. Eph. 5:22, 25-28]

3. How should Christian women dress, and what should they not wear? 1 Tim. 2:9 [Note: This text sets forth perfect guidelines for dress: modest, appropriate, and moderate dress; but not extreme hairdos, gold, pearls, or costly clothing. Deut. 22:5]

4. When the Lord judges His people, what fault does He find with the “daughters of Zion”? Isa. 3:13, 16, 18-24 [Note: Many of these items of jewelry came from the idol-worshipping countries around Israel. People in many heathen countries still adorn themselves heavily with jewelry. Num. 31:50; 1 Kings 16:31; 2 Kings 9:30]

5. Today, since 1844, we are living in the “hour of God’s judgment.” When coming down to judge ancient Israel, what did God tell them to do with the ornaments that they had adopted from the surrounding countries? Ex. 33:5, 6 [Mal. 3:2, 3; 1 Peter 2:9]

6. Along with the household idols, what else did Jacob bury before meeting with God? Gen. 35:1-4 [Hosea 2:13]

7. What trait of character was at the root of Lucifer’s downfall? Eze. 28:13, 15, 16 [Note: Pride led Lucifer to become self-centered. No doubt, his appearance when adorned with jewels encouraged him to exalt himself. God is training us for heaven, therefore He forbids us to wear jewelry lest we encourage pride. Rev. 21:19-21; Isa. 14:12-14]

8. In what kind of dress does God picture the woman that represents Satan’s kingdom? Rev. 17:4, 5 [Rev. 18:5-7, 16; Rev. 12:1]

9. What kind of garment is to clothe God’s people? Rev. 19:8 [Note: Our outer garments of simplicity and modesty should reveal that we are wearing the inner garment of Christ’s character. The “fine linen” garment of Revelation, which all the saved must wear, is “the righteousness of Christ, His own unblemished character, that through faith is imparted to all who receive Him.”– Christ’s Object Lessons, p. 310. Matt. 22:11-13; Job. 29:14; Isa. 52:1]

10. Who gives us this garment of Christ’s righteousness? Zech. 3:2-5 [Isa. 64:6; Rev. 3:18]

11. As with the symbolic clothing that represents our characters, in what condition should our real clothing be when we meet with the Lord? Ex. 19:10 [Num. 8:21]

12. What will eventually become of the world’s vain adornments? 1 John 2:15-17 [James 4:4]

13. How can we glorify God in our bodies? Rom. 12:1, 2 [John 17:15]

Commitment: God uses clothing to represent our characters; and in reality the outer covering often reveals what is inside. God calls for every Christian to be renewed, both within and without. He wants us to dress tastefully and becomingly, in a manner that will attract attention to Jesus instead of to ourselves. External adornments that encourage pride God forbids–His perfect character is the only adornment the true Christian needs. And that adornment will be more attractive to the regenerate heart than external glitter! Is it your desire to reflect Jesus’ character in your manner of dress?

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