Nature Nugget – Ant Lions

Ant lions are a worldwide family of insects in the order Neuroptera. The name ant lion is derived from the fierce looks and feeding habits of the larvae. Adults are winged and resemble damselflies, but have long, prominent, apically clubbed antennae and a different wing venation pattern.

Bible Study Guides – Diligence

April 24, 2011 – April 30, 2011 – “The habitations that the ants build for themselves show wonderful skill and perseverance. Only one little grain at a time can they handle, but by diligence and perseverance they accomplish wonders. Solomon points to their industry as a reproach to those who waste their hours in sinful idleness, or in practices that corrupt soul and body.”

Nature – Army Ants

Army ants, also known as legionary ants and driver ants, are a group of over 200 species native to Central and South America and Africa. They are known for their aggressive predatory foraging groups known as “raids” which involve huge numbers of ants sweeping through an area attacking prey en masse.