ISSUES: The Pseudo Issues, Section III

I am proposing that it would be better to give our attention to the real issue of wrongful and unauthorized changes in our church’s theology and leave pseudo issues such as this one alone.

ISSUES: The Side Issues, Section II

Attempts are being made to advance the side issues of church authority and Christian unity while ignoring the real issue of unauthorized changes in our church’s theology.

A Call for Reformation

In these last days there is a great need for consecrated leaders who will not compromise on godly standards of worship. Sadly, many of those leading out and holding positions in the church today are neither spiritually nor mentally prepared for such responsible positions.

Religious Liberty and the Church

“Plans are set on foot for restricting the liberty of workers. Through these oppressive plans, men who should stand free in God are trammeled by restrictions from those who are only their fellow-laborers. …