The Door into the Holiest

In Jesus’ day the people thought they were dealing with just a man, but they were dealing with God Himself because Christ had not ceased to be God when He assumed humanity. By His death on the cross, He opened the door into the Most Holy Place with no veil in between.

Bible Study Guides – The Object Lesson, Continued

May 16, 2010 – May 22, 2010 – “In the type, this great work of atonement, or blotting out of sins, was represented by the services of the Day of Atonement—the cleansing of the earthly sanctuary, which was accomplished by the removal, by virtue of the blood of the sin offering, of the sins by which it had been polluted.”

Bible Study Guides – Services of the Sanctuary

May 9, 2010 – May 15, 2010 – “The repentant sinner brought his offering to the door of the tabernacle, and placing his hand upon the victim’s head, confessed his sins, thus in figure transferring them from himself to the innocent sacrifice. By his own hand the animal was then slain, and the blood was carried by the priest into the holy place and sprinkled before the veil,…”

Bible Study Guides – The Object Lesson that Illustrates Christ’s Work on Earth

May 2, 2010 – May 8, 2010 – “Such was the service performed ‘unto the example and shadow of heavenly things’ [Hebrews 8:5]. And what was done in type in the ministration of the earthly sanctuary, is done in reality in the ministration of the heavenly sanctuary. After his ascension, our Saviour began his work as our high priest.