Recipe – Maple Almond Ice Cream

Coco Palm

Coconut—is it a fruit? a nut? a seed? Coconut can be a fruit, a nut, and a seed. Scientifically, it is a fibrous, one-seeded drupe. Brown and hairy on the outside, white and creamy on the inside, coconut is a fruit which grows on coconut palm trees and is widely found in the tropics ...

Recipe – Creamy Cantaloupe Ice Cream


What a yummy summer fruit! “Cantaloupe is truly a high-volume food. An entire large melon has only 277 calories, way less than most desserts, and more than most people can eat at one sitting. About 90 percent of the melon is water. But that water in the melon goes a long way toward filling you ...

Recipe – Banana Recipes: Green Goddess & Banana-Honey Tofu Ice Cream

Green Goddess

3 large ripe kiwifruit 2 ripe bananas ½ cup plain soft tofu, drained 1 ½ cups water, chilled 1 cup seedless green grapes ½ cup vanilla soy milk 3 Tbsp. honey In blender, combine all ingredients and process until smooth. Pour mixture into glasses and serve.

Banana-Honey Tofu Ice Cream

½ lb. firm tofu, drained 1 cup plain soy milk ¼ cup honey 3 ripe bananas 1 ...