Apostasy, Why It Must Be Exposed

Just to sit and contemplate what has happened in the last several years and what tomorrow will surely bring is enough to make one mentally exhausted. We will be sorely tempted to just throw our “helpless” hands in the air and give up. In fact this is exactly what the majority are being programmed to do and what they will do. In reality our very continued existence depends on how we deal with the issue of apostasy both in our calling to Adventism and the question of eternal life or death. As we understand this we will better appreciate what Jesus meant when He had John write, “Here is the patience of the saints,” in Revelation 14:12, and why He had this verse placed at the end of the Three Angels’ Messages.

Over the last several years I have heard it all—all the reasons why we should not even talk about the apostasy that has become thick. Even more I have heard why it is “sin” to expose it, especially if it is in high places, although the Bible plainly tells us that we must. I have heard statements made, as have all those who are standing firm, such as “Jesus never offended anyone.” This not only demonstrates the point, but exposes the success of the very apostasy that most are unwilling to deal with on any level. The majority which claim to be Adventists are actually and factually defending apostasy, knowingly or unknowingly, both in word and action. It is difficult to put into words the mental anguish this causes the few leaders who are trying to stay the poisonous tide of confusion and apostasy as wave after wave continues to break upon the house which has been built on the Rock. Many times the passion and pity displayed in the messages of warning, by these messengers, are labeled hate and anger. The deception perpetrated on them is so deep that many do not realize that there is appropriate as well as inappropriate types.

The good and everlasting news about Adventism and the house built on the Rock is that it may appear as about to fall, but it does not!! In these few words lies the key, the secret, the hidden treasure which promotes health, happiness, peace and salvation, in the context of exposing apostasy. And although God knows that the overwhelming majority (yes, even in the Adventist community) will be lost, He has set these truths forth for the few who seek and shall find them.

These truths invite and warn us that we must understand our calling to Adventist Christianity in the total sense, and we must be willing to accept it in its total sense, or be lost. We must realize that what we are facing in the experience of Adventism, as it pertains to apostasy, is perhaps shocking to our generation, but certainly nothing new. In fact, what is happening, in and to this movement, is a continuation of a six thousand year history.

My brothers and sisters, we have the golden opportunity to witness the victory that all the Bible writers spoke of for the last generation in these final hours. Whether we realize it or not, we are writing history as it pertains to the eternal record both individually and collectively. Those who make a profession of Adventism, who will be saved in the end, will come to the realization and understanding of the necessity of dealing with the apostasy. They will end up being most appreciative that Jesus and all heaven have untiringly worked to bring us the “eyesalve,” or spiritual discernment, we must have in this final great struggle, in the controversy between Christ and Satan.

As our understanding is sanctified by our Lord, the mighty Captain of the Lord’s host, we will become aware that this study and the reality it portrays is both horrible and fascinating. Dear friends, we will also realize what it means to be a Seventh-day Adventist, the price paid, and the extreme privilege given to us who have been called, which none deserve or merit. We must understand by that experimental knowledge that builds the faith of Jesus. We must understand and experience the hymns, “Stand up, stand up for Jesus, ye soldiers of the cross,” “Onward Christian Soldiers,” and “Soldiers of Christ Arise,” not just sing them. This must become who we are, and not just a fanciful wish or hope, but a Christ empowered reality. We do not “do” Adventism, Adventism is something we become, it is who we are.




The motive for dealing with apostasy, in the way that Christ did, and with the same intent, is the love of souls and the hatred of sin. The passion generated both in Christ and in His followers does not come from a hatred of people, but rather a proper understanding of, and hatred for, what sin did to our Lord and His creation, the human race.

In dealing with the subject of apostasy and the principles surrounding it, we are obliged to be straightforward and accurate. But also, rightly understood, the same unwavering principles dictate that our motive must be one of salvation, not destruction. Here is where many are deceived from two different points of view. One group believes that we can hate the enemy along with the apostasy he is promoting. This is totally false, but the dilemma lies in the fact that we can only come to understand this in practical terms as we give ourselves over to the One who loves us even when we are wicked. It is very natural to hate the enemy. Why? Because he does not agree with us and is working to undermine what we believe and who we are. But one who is caught in this trap, although perhaps in “the work of the Lord,” is in reality in the business of using the Word of God to further his own cause. This has and will continue to prove to be fatal. Clean water poured into a dirty glass pollutes the water, it does not clean the glass. Right words out of a hateful heart will bring undesirable results and will not save the unclean vessel.

The other conclusion is just as deadly, both to the one who is infected and to those who are influenced wrongly by the polluted witness which follows. This comes from one who wrongly believes that because we are to love the sinner, then we are obligated to accept and tolerate (in the spiritual sense) open sin and apostasy in the church, and we are “sinning” if we expose this wrongdoing. Herein lies one of the biggest problems of Christianity in general, and certainly the plight of current Adventism. Our people are so immersed in the deception of this satanic mind set that much of their energy is used to defend wickedness and our “right” to do as we please instead of witnessing for God’s honor and defending His pure law and character.

To add to this, we have been set up to fail on all fronts since birth, through an agenda which is almost universally demonstrated in those who hold the power in the structure—the recognized organization of Adventism. This agenda surfaced in the mid-fifties, and I believe, for the last time, is coming into full bloom, not only in the Adventist movement, as we will discuss later. It will bring the whole world into the reality of what was once prophecy, now fact, found especially in the books of Daniel and Revelation and in the Spirit of Prophecy. These are the reasons we see a unified open war on God’s Word and the writings of Ellen G. White within the organized structure of Adventism today.


Sick of Hearing About Apostasy


With all of this in mind, with much more to come, we humbly, but seriously and most sincerely invite all who will, to take a hard, critical look, based on a thus saith the Lord, with much prayer and the spirit of a true student of God, and to join us in this study, of why we must deal with and expose apostasy until the job is finished and the battle over.

Frankly, it does not matter that “we are sick of hearing about apostasy.” We neither write the rules of the warfare nor does it matter how we feel, but it is eternally important to understand that the value lies in what God says and how He directs. May we be compelled through our love for Jesus, the love of His truth, and the sanctification this brings, to stand properly in our lot as Seventh-day Adventists.

We plan not only to retrace our past to establish a foundation and platform for why exposing apostasy is vital, but we hope, along the way to keep demonstrating with clear evidence that the agenda to tear every waymark of true Adventism down is fully alive and at work in the ranks of the leadership within the structure.

We will also make the bold assertion, define, and prove it, that the power of the structure has been captured by these leaders who are promoting and pressing their agenda of apostasy. Included will be some of the reasons why these leaders are not really Adventists at all, and how this complicates the warfare from the perspective of the true Adventist.

In doing this delicate but bold work the writer is aware of what many will say. This very work is what caused the death of Christ, and virtually all those who stood firm, that we would know by name, either in the Biblical account, or the historical time of the dark ages. But this is to a large degree why we must investigate it! For if Jesus and His followers thought it worthy of dying for, and if the rejection of this aspect of the work (exposing the apostasy among the professed people of God) drove the majority to become their murderers, then we must know why and be in the right relationship with the facts, no matter how it makes us feel.

May the Holy Spirit attend every article with love, clarity, boldness and balance; and every reader with honesty, discernment, a love for the truth, and the mind of Christ, is our prayer.