Recipe – Millet Pudding

Place in Blender:

3 cups cooked millet

1 tsp. vanilla

1/2 cup honey

Then add enough soy milk or cashew milk to soften to a pudding consistency.

Pour enough Grape Nuts in a baking dish to make a one-inch layer and then add the pudding. Bake on a low heat in the oven for about thirty minutes. After baking, remove from oven and place any seasonal fruit, sliced, on top.

Recipe – Banana Pudding

1/3 cup raw cane sugar

1 ½ tsp. vanilla extract

4 Tbsp. cornstarch

3 very ripe bananas, sliced

1/8 tsp. salt

48 vegan vanilla wafer cookies

3 cups coconut milk,

Nondairy whipped topping for garnish, optional

  1. Place sugar, cornstarch and salt in saucepan and gradually whisk in coconut milk. Bring mixture to a boil over medium-low heat. Cook 5 minutes, or until thickened, whisking constantly. Stir in vanilla, then banana slices.
  2. Line bottom of 11×7-inch baking dish with 24 cookies. Spread hot pudding over top, making sure bananas are submerged to prevent browning. Top with remaining 24 cookies, cover with plastic wrap, and cool. Refrigerate until cold. Top with whipped topping (if using).