The Man Nobody Knew, Part II

We do not know Him, and that is why, friend, we experience so little of the power of God in our lives. We do not have faith in His authority and power. If we knew Him, we would know He has the authority and power to do everything; when He speaks, it happens.

Bible Study Guides – The Origin of Sin and God’s Response

April 11, 2010 – April 17, 2010 – “It is impossible to explain the origin of sin so as to give a reason for its existence. Yet enough may be understood concerning both the origin and the final disposition of sin, to make fully manifest the justice and benevolence of God in all His dealings with evil. Nothing is more plainly taught in Scripture than that God was in no wise responsible for the entrance of sin.”

Enduring Trials

An examination of the trials and chastenings that literal Israel experienced in their journey out of Egypt prior to crossing the Jordan into the Promised Land will give us a fuller understanding of what we can expect on our journey out of sin as we draw closer to the spiritual crossing of the Jordan.