The Cost of Revival and Reformation – A Response to Concerns and Objections

The Cost of Revival and Reformation, is a response to the conference’s concerns and objections, and in so doing, details the principles that should prevail between workers in God’s cause.

Will the Real Seventh-day Adventist Protestant Please Stand Up?

We, as Seventh-day Adventists, have already seen what has happened to Protestantism today. There was a time when Protestants would protest all the corrupt practices of apostate churches and promote true, biblical Christianity.

Bible Study Guides – A Reformatory Movement

March 29, 2009 – April 4, 2009 – We are to see in history the fulfillment of prophecy, to study the workings of Providence in the great reformatory movements, and to understand the progress of events in the marshalling of the nations for the final conflict of the great controversy.

Bible Study Guides – God’s Claims Forgotten—A Call to Repentance and Reformation

January 15, 2006 – January 21, 2006 – In his study of the causes leading to the Babylonish captivity, Ezra had learned that Israel’s apostasy was largely traceable to their mingling with heathen nations.

Bible Study Guides – Glorious Hope for the Remnant

July 26, 2009 – August 1, 2009 – It is God’s glory to encircle sinful, repentant human beings in the arms of His love, to bind up their wounds, to cleanse them from sin, and to clothe them with the garments of salvation.