Editorial – Without Knowing It

God’s people are affected more than they realize by the topics in the public press and media. There are topics being promoted by various individuals on the Internet with YouTube videos and other communications that are designed to raise alarm. As Adventists, we know that the end of the world is coming, but we need to be rational in our decisions and not act on the latest Internet gossip.

For several years now the Adventist people have been troubled by the frenzy that develops over these rumors. This barrage of messages are claimed to be directly from God. Of course, the “inside” or “secret” information cannot be documented, leaving no way for validation. The people distributing these communications worldwide cannot substantiate any evidence that the original source people actually had visions in the Biblical sense. (See Numbers 12:6; Isaiah 8:19, 20.)

It is not the part of prudence to believe any e-mail that comes around claiming to have as its source any secret society. This is not the way that God communicates the truth to His people. It is time for us to pray. It would be well if God’s people, in the face of these uncertain times, would go to the Lord, in prayer and say, “Lord you know what is going to happen and I earnestly pray that you will teach me, not only how I can serve you today, but also what you would have me do with my money, time, and every resource that you have placed in my hand. I am opening my heart to you, Lord, to be directed as you see fit; please lead me in just the way you would have me go today.”