Heath – Is Soy Dangerous?

We have heard people say, “Watch out for soy.” “Soy will cause this, that, and the other thing,” and “If you are eating soy, you will have some very bad things happen to you.” There are some websites that give information that sounds very good, causing people to wonder about soy and soy products.

Recipe – Chik-Style Salad

1 pkg. Soy Curls (8-oz., or approx. 4 ½ cups). Cover with warm water and soak for 10 minutes. 5 Tbsp. McKay's Chicken Style Seasoning or 4 Tbsp Butler Chik-Style Seasoning 1 cup Vegenaise, Soyannaise, or Mayonnaise (8 oz.) ½ cup Sweet Relish (4 oz.) 1 cup diced celery (4.5 oz.) 1 cup diced onion (4 oz.) ½ tsp. garlic powder Drain ...

Food – A New Twist on Soy

The protein in the soybean is very digestible and contains all of the essential amino acids necessary for humans, and can sustain health at all stages of human development.