Reporting from Switzerland – Contend for the Faith

It was in July 1991 that we came in personal contact with Steps to Life for the first time. We met pastor Marshall and John Grosboll at the first International Campmeeting in Hengelo, Netherlands. This was the very first time that we saw so many people who believed like my wife and I. We met people from Hartland, Hope International, David Kang, Ty Gibson, Russel Standish and others. The reason we were at this campmeeting was to take the opportunity to be baptized together. During the meeting, when I was listening for the first time to Marshall Grosboll’s sermon, I was very happy that we had found people who believed the same as we did. He was preaching about Christ’s nature and all the sermons from Marshall and John were real blessings to all the people. This campmeeting will ever be in our mind. On Sabbath, my wife and I were baptized with ten other people by Pastor Russel Standish. Before we went home, I asked Marshall Grosboll if it would be possible to invite him to come to Switzerland some time.

A few weeks after we were back home, we heard the sad news of the death of the Grosboll family. I had a very hard time understanding why this happened. The last booklet of Marshall’s was sent to me, and after I read it, I was convinced that this booklet should be given also to German speaking people. I spent many hours translating it. In August 1992, 10,000 copies of Somebody Cares in German were printed. Now this booklet is also translated into the Romanian and Hungarian language.

In November 1992 we had our first campmeeting with John Grosboll in Melchnau, Switzerland. The second campmeeting was in May 1993 with John Grosboll, Ron Woolsey and Jakob Gnanakkan. People from Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland were attending. In the same year we had a campmeeting with Norman Hopkins from England and Venita Marcussen. Walter Tschoepe was visiting us and was speaking to us on Sabbath one year ago.

Since February 1993, I went, for the first time, with Ron and Claudia Woolsey to Romania. I spent now about 30,000 kilometers and 3 months for the supporting of our “Historic Adventists” friends during my eight times travels. 5,000 copies of “Somebody cares” in the Romanian language, 350 sacks with clothes and shoes, 1,300 kilograms of rice, 2 copy-machines, 10 bicycles, 1 power-saw, 5 wheel chairs, complete equipment for a dentist and many other things were brought by a VW-Bus with a trailer. I am happy that every time I was also able to bring them financial help as well, so that they can work fulltime for the gospel.

After the campmeeting in Hengelo in 1991, we attended the international meetings every year. Because of the lack of translators, I was asked to help translate for the speakers and was invited to speak as well. I decided to distribute the sermons from these different meetings and from the meetings in Switzerland. The tape ministry now has a list with over 100 sermons from speakers from all over the world. I offer also 10 different music tapes, like “Scripture Songs I-IV,” “He Will Carry You,” “Set Free,” “Heartsongs,” “Quietly Await,” “If That is Not Love” and others. The book Steps to Christ is recorded on audio tape and some parts from Christ’s Object Lessons and the book Somebody cares. Also available are some tapes recorded from the Bible, like the gospel of John, some letters of Paul, the book of Revelation, and parts of the Psalms. Since I started with this, I have duplicated more than 2,700 audio tapes.

With the computer and the copy machine I was able to make tracts in many different ways. Some of these tracts are translated articles from Ellen White or compilations. Some are different chapters of the larger books like Great Controversy, Desire of ages, Patriarchs and Prophets, and Acts of the Apostles. I also have my personal experience on paper in the form of a tract, with an advertisement at the end, where people can ask for one free copy of the books Steps to Christ, Desire of Ages or the Great Controversy. The title of this is No more Sunday, because when I accepted the Sabbath, I decided to keep the right day in the future. 25 different tracts are now available.

Two years ago, before we moved in the house we are living in now, we sent out 25,700 leaflets with a coupon (in every household around the region) for the Great Controversy by mail. The result was 85 orders. In the same time we started homeschooling two of our tree children. We did find a nice place out in the country side, were we live now surrounded by fields and forests. We have our own spring water and wood for heating the house. The children are happy with the two dogs, two rabbits, three cats, three goats and some chickens. The first winter, we had for two months, more then one meter of snow. The last 300 meters we had to walk to the house, because it was impossible to reach the house by car, even with 4 wheel drive and snow chains. But the spring time is a wonderful time with beautiful flowers on the fields and with the beautiful songs of the birds in the morning.

The LORD has helped us many times to overcome difficulties and troubles. I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks for this and to encourage His people all over the world to “earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.” The LORD will help us to “bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.” I am sure that we have the truth, but “Man’s advantages for obtaining a knowledge of the truth, however great these may be, will prove of no benefit to him unless the heart is open to receive the truth, and there is conscientious surrender of every habit and practice that is opposed to its principles.” Desire of Ages, 455, 56.

Only through His strength and love can we conquer and through faith we see the heavenly home. Sister White wrote many, many lines, and I did learn very much through her writings. One sentence I decided to take heed of: “The unstudied unconscious influence of a holy life is the most convincing sermon that can be given in favor of Christianity” Sketches From the Life of Paul, 331. It would be a great joy for us, if you would remember us in your prayers.

May the LORD bless you and help you to live for Him, because He died for us.