Praise and Thanksgiving

God wants us to give praise and thanksgiving; that is His will for us. Surely true, sincere thankfulness cannot be commanded, but it will come naturally as we enter into the experience of faith and as we recognize God’s goodness to us.

Bible Study Guides – Gratitude Appreciated, Part I

May 28, 2006 – June 3, 2006 – If you let these seasons pass without giving tangible proofs of your gratitude for this wonderful and amazing love which a compassionate Saviour exercised toward you, who were aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, there is reason to fear that still greater darkness and misery will come upon you. Now is your sowing time.

Bible Study Guides – Prayer and Study

March 21, 2010 – March 27, 2010 – “We need to pray without ceasing. Let the heart long after God. Let the heart go out in daily, hourly prayer, believing, trusting, holding on to the promise, saying as did Jacob, ‘I will not let thee go, except thou bless me’ (Genesis 32:26). ‘Hold up my goings in thy paths,’ O God, ‘that my footsteps slip not’ [Psalm 17:5] into the pitfalls which men have dug for my feet.” In Heavenly Places, 258.