Reporting from Zambia, Central Africa – In God’s Vineyard

“Because they are not connected with some directly religious work, many feel that their lives are useless; that they are doing nothing for the advancement of God’s kingdom. If they could do some great thing how gladly they would undertake it! But because they can serve only in little things, they think themselves justified in doing nothing. In this they err. A man may be in the active service of God while engaged in ordinary, everyday duties—while felling trees, clearing the ground, or following the plow. The mother who trains her children for Christ is as truly working for God as is the minister in the pulpit.” Prophets and Kings, 219.

As a missionary in a foreign land what is the work the Lord has given me to do? The ignorance and gross darkness in the world, and even among the professed people of God calls for perseverance in educating. I do this through teaching from my home, in public halls, in home studies, outdoors, and occasionally in churches. What is the main emphasis in the teaching? 1) Bible prophecy and current events, 2) The everlasting gospel and the Christian experience, 3) Showing my people their sins, and pointing people to the Word of God as the basis of faith and practice instead of the traditions of the church or the culture.

To further the work of education God has given me a video and audio tape ministry where I loan tapes and provide tapes for sale at cost. Everything from creation to current events, from prophecy to child training, from the practical gospel to Daniel and Revelation, Bible doctrines and health and temperance are all taught through this means. This has challenged people to walk in the law of the Lord. It has caused some to reconsider how they are raising their children. It has awakened some as if from a dream to the realities of the duties and privileges of the remnant people of God.

As funds allow me to do so, I print and purchase books to make available at or near cost, or on occasion when books are donated, then they are sold at a subsidized rate. I find selling books at an affordable rate is better than just giving them away indiscriminately. For when people have to buy a book they are more serious. A consignment of historical SDA magazines which are received monthly are distributed to numerous groups of laymen and have opened the eyes of many, and helped establish the sincere upon Biblical Adventism.

My work is not glamorous or popular but it is unquestionably the work God has given me to do. God also has a work for you to do. For as truly as Christ has gone to prepare the mansions for the saved, just as truly there is a place prepared for you to work in His vineyard. May each one of us be faithful to our calling and to our work, and not bury our talents, thinking the Lord has no need of them. God’s army requires all to be found faithful. Will that include you?