Editorial – If God had Workers Who

A time unprecedented in this world’s history is already upon us. In this time of crisis, God’s mercy, long treated with contempt, will soon cease to plead in man’s behalf and the time of His judgment will begin. As men rapidly close their accounts, base ingratitude is being registered in the books of heaven. Divine patience must soon give way to divine judgment, and in natural disasters which are following one another in rapid succession, and in the crimes of no common nature that have become so common, we see the evidence that even now God’s restraining Spirit is being withdrawn. God has waited long for a company of united sanctified people through whom He can finish His work. In words of solemn import Ellen White described what God would do if He had such a group of people.

“If the Lord had a company of workers who would rely wholly upon Him, He would accomplish a great work through them. One could chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight. God is just as willing now as anciently to work through weak intrumentalities. We shall not gain the victory through numbers, but through full surrender of the soul to Jesus. We are to go forward in His strength, trusting in the mighty God of Israel.” Review and Herald, January 11, 1887

Are we really awake to these solemn realities and to the great work of preparation in which we must all engage? “The important future is before us. To meet its trials and temptations, and to perform its duties, will require great faith, energy, and perseverance. But we may triumph gloriously; for not one watching, praying, believing soul will be ensnared by the devices of the enemy. All heaven is interested in our welfare, and waits our demand upon its wisdom and strength. Neither wicked men nor evil spirits can hinder the work of God or shut out His presence from His people, if they will, with subdued, contrite hearts, confess and put away their sins, and in faith claim His promises. Every opposing influence, whether open or secret, may be successfully resisted, ‘not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.’” Ibid. [Emphasis supplied]

If we have complied with the conditions of God’s Word, Christ will be our refuge in the coming storm, and His pledge of security will be ours. If, however, “the warnings which God has given are neglected or regarded with indifference, if you suffer sin to be cherished, you are sealing your soul” destiny; you will be weighed in the balances and found wanting. Grace, peace, and pardon will be withdrawn forever; Jesus will have passed by, never again to come within the reach of your prayers and entreaties. While mercy still lingers, while Jesus is making intercession for us, let us make thorough work for eternity.” Ibid.

Though it is possible to be regarded as a Christian by being a partial follower of Jesus, yet if you are lacking in essential qualifications that constitute Christian character, you are sealing your soul’s destiny and will eventually be numbered with those who are lost. Now is no time to venture to tamper with sin, or remain in a state of lethargy and stupid indifference. Soon grace, peace and pardon will be withdrawn forever; Jesus will have passed by, never again to come within the reach of your prayers and entreaties. Now is not the time to be in uncertainty as to your soul’s destiny By purifying your soul from every stain, press on to follow the light God has so graciously given us. While mercy still lingers, and Jesus still makes intercession for us, make thorough work for eternity. With works that correspond to your profession, let it not be your lot to be a formal, partial believer, weighed and found wanting in the scales of the heavenly sanctuary.

In the time of God’s judgments, the humble followers of Jesus will be distinguished from the rest of the world by their soul anguish. While others are attempting to throw a cloak over the existing evil, and excuse the great wickedness that is everywhere so prevalent, those who have a zeal for God’s honor will not hold their peace to obtain the favor of any. Though they are powerless to stop the rising torrent of iniquity that everywhere surrounds them, they will plead with God to vindicate His honor.

We are now in the time of overwhelming interest that Ellen White predicted. God is still looking for a company of workers who will rely wholly upon Him. What part will you act in this momentous time of the closing scenes of earth’s history? Will you be one of this company?