Children’s Story – Did Bob Think?

Do you wonder that we keep Bob’s memory green? And isn’t his thoughtfulness a lesson for children whose excuse for carelessness that injures others is, “I didn’t think”? Bob thought, and his thinking saved the child’s life.

Children’s Story – The Fourth Man in the Boat

“I saw four men in the boat when you went up,” he continued. “Your helper here was at the front, steering the boat; you were at the side, leaning over to watch; and the boy was on the other side, taking the depth of the river.” “Where was the fourth man?” I asked.

Children’s Story – He Stood the Test

“No, Mama,” said the little man, looking wistfully after his mother as the conductor pulled the strap, the driver unscrewed his brake, and the horses, shaking their bells, trotted off with the car.

Children’s Story – Fire!

“Mom,” he shouted, “Look! That wheat field is on fire.” Mom slowed the car and pulled to the side of the road. Sure enough, they could see little red tongues of flame through the smoke.