Education and Career Choices

For us to find direction in education and career choices in today’s world, we must first understand the intrinsic nature of the Christian religion. The Christian religion is, in a superlative sense, both a spiritual and an intellectual religion.

The Pen of Inspiration – The Essential Knowledge

Higher education is an experimental knowledge of the plan of salvation, and this knowledge is secured by earnest and diligent study of the Scriptures. Such an education will renew the mind and transform the character,…

Philosophy of Education

It is not surprising to find that the system of education introduced by Christ begins with the instruction given in the garden of Eden and that it is based on the simple law of faith.

Higher Education – Man’s Way or God’s Way?

The true higher education lies in the study of God’s revealed knowledge and wisdom. (See Education, 14.) There were a few Calebs and Joshuas there, but their voices were drowned out by the clamors of the multitude.

True Education

Our ideas of education take too narrow in range. There is need of a broader scope. True education means more than the pursual of a certain course of study.

The Purpose of Missionary Schools

Those who seek the education that the world esteems so highly are gradually led further and further from the principles of truth until they become educated worldlings.

Philosophy of Education

That education which links man with God, the source of wisdom and the Author and Finisher of our faith, is a spiritual education.

True Education

Today there are two types of education in the world. There is that which comes form God and that which is the wisdom of the world, which God pronounces to be foolishness.