A New Day Dawns

These three men joined together and published a paper called the Day-Dawn. It was one of a number of Adventist journals that were published following the Disappointment.

Enslaving the Souls of Men

…now as a Christian priest, now as a soldier, a mathematician, an astrologer, a Brahmin, a mandarin—under countless disguises, by a thousand arts, luring, persuading, or compelling souls into the fold of Rome.

The Rise of Sabbatarian Adventism

We now turn to the second distinguishing doctrine of the Sabbatarian Adventists—their acceptance and observance of the seventh-day Sabbath.

The Road to Persecution, Part I

One of the tapes that we listened to from Elder Frazee was entitled “The Road to Persecution.” Back in those days, many things that were written in the Spirit of Prophecy, we understood as only applying to the churches in “Babylon.”

The Road to Persecution, Part II

Every influence that leads to toleration of evil in the church eventually leads inevitably down the road to persecution of the righteous.

Easter Eggs, Bunnies & Religious Freedom

We want to look at Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, and religious freedom. Have you ever wondered how Easter eggs and Easter bunnies came into the Christian Church?

America’s Twin Towers Toppling

Our Days are Numbered

In the United States of America, the keepers of national security and national prosperity of the most powerful nation in the world, the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, have been attacked. We may be witnessing what could very well accelerate the shift of public trust from civil government power for security, ...

10th Anniversary Issue

Ten years ago, August 1993, the first issue of LandMarks was published. As we mark this significant milestone, it is our desire, as God has directed, to use such occasions to “call Him to the minds of the people.” The Desire of Ages, 447.

The Workings of His Providence

Throughout history, the providential hand of God has moved to guide His people and to fulfill His purposes in the execution of the plan of salvation.

Jesus and His Off-shoot Church

The establishment of the New Testament experienced the rise of two significant off-shoot movements, namely, the John the Baptist ministry and the Jesus Christ Christian church.