A Man of Sorrows

He is a Man of great sorrow. He is also a Man of great love. The scriptures say that God is love, and the reason for His sorrow is because of His great love for us! “He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.” 1 John 4:8.

The Song of Mary

The song of Mary is a song for the humble, but it is also a song for the proud. In Mary’s day, you had to have money or position to be important. Church offices were obtained by quid pro quo, prevalent in the church in those days.

What Would Jesus Do?

Many times, “What would Jesus do?” is used to belittle those who stand true to what the Bible says, making them seem as though they are being intolerant, unloving—not like Jesus.

Who Is My Brother?

Who is my brother? All for whom Christ died, and that doesn’t leave out anyone, for any reason. Love and compassion for our fellow human beings is expressed in many ways.

Be Healed

Afraid that He will pass by before she can speak to Him, she decides that if she can just touch His garment, that surely she will be healed.