The New Birth Experience

The water Jesus talks about is just the beginning of the new birth experience. Nicodemus did not even understand the first part of the new birth, so how was he to understand the spiritual side of it?

Garment of Grace

If there were no other reason for having adequate covering, I think this would be a most wonderful, beautiful, and sublime reason, because the garments Jesus makes are garments of grace provided at an infinite cost.

Our Perfect Example

“Christ has left us a perfect, sinless example. His followers are to walk in His footsteps. If they are not transformed in character, they can never dwell with Him in His kingdom.

A Man of Sorrows

He is a Man of great sorrow. He is also a Man of great love. The scriptures say that God is love, and the reason for His sorrow is because of His great love for us! “He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.” 1 John 4:8.

The Song of Mary

The song of Mary is a song for the humble, but it is also a song for the proud. In Mary’s day, you had to have money or position to be important. Church offices were obtained by quid pro quo, prevalent in the church in those days.