Thank You For Your Help For the Work in Ghana !

The plans to help our brothers and sisters in Ghana were entered into after prayer and communication with missionaries and local people who had worked there for years. Although the evidence indicated that at present this was the best place where we could help the work in Africa go forward, this work from the beginning faced much opposition from almost every quarter. (The reason that we believed Ghana was the best place to begin, was that God’s faithful people there had a church organization that was based on the New Testament model. This developed after much trouble and trial as well as Bible-study, over a twenty year period.) In fact, it was opposition to the work in Ghana that partially influenced a disruption with some staff right at Steps to Life. It was then predicted that the poor people in Ghana would be disappointed because promises had been made that would not be realized. Rumors have been sent all over the country and attempts have been made to get accusations against the orphans and the orphanage. This of course would stop support for the project. In the midst of all this opposition, we never knew from one month to the next where support would come for either the orphanage or for Steps to Life to continue sponsoring the project, since so many false accusations were being made.

At the same time we could not fail to see their desperate need for a means to communicate the gospel more effectively. We believed in spite of the frailty of our humanity it would be a dishonor to the Lord for us to quit as long as the Lord held the door open for us to help them with the work. What has happened, as you can see from the above article and picture, we believe to be a result of God’s great grace. It would never have happened with the amount of opposition against it, except that the Lord worked a miracle. We believe that there will be a multitude of these people in heaven and we want to have that unity and harmony with them for which Christ prayed in John 17. We also want to be in unity and harmony with God’s children all over the world and are praying for those who want to be our enemies —we want unity and harmony with them too. We want to have perfect unity and harmony with you too, brother or sister —we absolutely must have it if we are going to heaven together. Any and all wrongs must be made right and we must all be heart to heart together.

Many things have been learned from the work in Ghana. One thing is that great progress cannot occur for God’s work in any city or country until there is New Testament church organization. Is your home church organized according to the New Testament? (See Acts of the Apostles,

155–165, 188–200, 593–602.) New Testament church organization is not hierarchical and no hierarchical organization is in harmony with the New Testament. There are several other countries in Africa asking for help. We hope that Ghana will become a center for giving the Third Angels’ Message to all the English-speaking countries in Africa. If we can become unified, as the Lord is calling for, the work in Africa and in other countries could receive help and be finished quickly.

One of the ways that there has been an attempt to stop the Ghana projects is by false accusations that Steps to Life was in some way dishonest or not accountable with finances. We have had full financial audits for the last two years. We have also had accounting reviews by an independent accounting firm for the two years previous to that. Anyone who is supporting God’s work at Steps to Life is welcome to come to our office and look at either our audited statements or our books.

We are receiving increasing calls for help from many parts of the world. We have no way to help all these people except as the Lord through His Holy Spirit impresses His true and faithful people to help finish the work all over the world. Please join us in prayer for divine instruction and assistance that the work can be finished quickly. Don’t you want to go home soon too?