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2002 June

Editorial – The Church that Appears to Fall, Part V

The "Church" that not only appears to fall but that actually does fall, according to Letter 55, has the following characteristics:...

The Irish Protestant and Heaven

Miss Clancy was an elderly, Irish Protestant lady. She will be surprised when she gets to heaven, because people have heard about her in many places.

Christ’s Concept of Fatherhood

Now Christ had no earthly father, yet He had some very clear concepts of fatherhood. He must have gained them by watching his stepfather, Joseph. We have very little direct information about Joseph in the Bible,

Men of Power are Men of Prayer

Just as Jesus had to be about His Father’s business, we will be about it also. Men of power today, dear friends, are men of prayer.

Demon Possession and Music

Much has been said and written by many people about the harmfulness of the beats in rock music. One of the most important reasons it is harmful is because it calls the demons.

The Consecrated Way, Part IV

We have been making our way through the passage of Scripture found in 2 Peter 1—Peter’s ladder. Centuries before, Jacob, when fleeing from Esau, laid his head on a rock, weary from the flight.

Inspiration – Father’s Position and Responsibilities

It is no evidence of manliness in the husband for him to dwell constantly upon his position as head of the family. It does not increase respect for him to hear him quoting Scripture to sustain his claims to authority.

Children’s Story – Baby Duck

Inside they put a bowl of water, big enough so the baby duck could paddle in safety, and another, smaller bowl of water where they could put the duckling’s food.

Restoring the Temple – Diet and Health

A wrong course of eating or drinking destroys health, and with it the sweetness of life. . . . Thousands, by indulging a perverted appetite, have brought on fever or some other acute disease, which has resulted in death.

Food For Life – Curry Stew & Golden Waffles

Golden Waffles Submitted by Janet Headrick 2 cups water, soy milk or nut milk 2 cups rolled oats 2 Tablespoons whole wheat flour 2 Tablespoons sesame seeds Blend well in blender then bake in waffle iron 8–10 minutes. Add water to thin the batter as it sets. Good made ahead and frozen in baggies. Warm ... Read more

Bible Study Guides – The Nations are in God’s Hands

June 30 - July 6 ,2002 - With unerring accuracy the Infinite One still keeps account with the nations. While His mercy is tendered, with calls to repentance, this account remains open; but when the figures reach a certain amount which God has fixed, the ministry of His wrath begins.

Bible Study Guides – Kingdom of God

July 7 - July 13, 2002 - What is prophesied to happen before the saints inherit the kingdom of God? Matthew 24:4–14. NOTE: "That time is at hand.

Bible Study Guides – Signs in the Heavens

July 14- July 20, 2002 - What did Jesus say would happen in the heavens as signs of His coming? Luke 21:25, 26....What did Jesus prophesy about the moon as a sign of his second coming? Mark 13:24.

Bible Study Guides – Preparing for Jesus Coming

July 21- July 27, 2002 - What will happen to those who are preparing for Jesus’ soon coming? 1 John 3:1–3. NOTE: "Such transformation of character as is seen in the life of John is ever the result of communion with Christ.

All Bible texts, unless appearing in quoted references or otherwise identified, are from the New King James Version.