Editorial – The Royal Family – Ephesians 3:15

Can you imagine anybody wanting to be part of the royal family in heaven (God’s family) but not wanting to be part of the royal family on earth? Remember,

“The family of heaven and the family of earth are one.” The Adventist Home, 544.

If you and your family and your church family become part of the family in heaven, you will have been part of heaven’s royal family first on earth. To be part of this family you must acknowledge the head of the family as the head of your home and church family. “Christ in counsel with His Father laid out the plan for His life on earth. It was not a chance, but a design that the world’s Redeemer should lay off His crown, lay aside His kingly robe, and come to our world as a man. He clothed His divinity with the garb of humanity, that He might stand at the head of the human family, His humanity mingled with the humanity of the race fallen because of Adam’s disobedience. The poverty and humiliation of the Son of the infinite God teach lessons that few care to learn. There is a link that connects Christ with the poor in a special sense. He, the life, the light of the world, makes poverty His own teacher, in order that He may be educated by the same stern, practical teacher {as are the poor}. Since the Lord Jesus accepted a life of poverty, no one can justly look with contempt upon the poor. The Saviour of the world was the King of glory, and He stripped Himself of His glorious outward adorning, accepting poverty, that He might understand how the poor are treated in this world.” The Southern Work, 85.

Now, in a physical sense, we are quarantined from the whole universe—since Adam and Eve were driven from the garden of Eden all their descendants are banished from Paradise, but soon the jubilee is coming when “you shall return every man to his family” (Leviticus 25:10, literal translation).