Editorial – Uncertain Voices and Unsafe Paths

  1. Eve lost paradise by listening to the voice of doubt, questioning and conjecture: “We must be careful not to listen to agents of the great adversary, who would guide our feet into forbidden paths, as our first parents were led into transgression.” The Signs of the Times, October 29, 1885.
  2. “Doctrines are being taught that lead into bypaths and forbidden paths; doctrines that lead men to act in harmony with their own inclinations and to work out their unsanctified purposes.” Testimonies, vol. 8, 231.

What are these doctrines?

  1. You can commit sin but be free from the consequences: “… the mass of humanity love a doctrine that permits them to commit sin, and yet frees them from its consequences. … Men … do not think it is in harmony with their dignity to inquire into the ways of God. Therefore they go into false ways, into forbidden paths, become self-sufficient, self inflated.” The Signs of the Times, February 19, 1894.
  2. higher criticism
  3. evolution
  4. spiritualism
  5. theosophy
  6. pantheism
  7. Practices that lead God’s professed people into forbidden paths.
  8. Attempting to control and rule fellowlaborers: “The man who holds office in the church should stand as a leader, as an advisor and a counselor and helper in carrying the burdens of the work. … But he is not appointed to order and command the Lord’s laborers. The Lord is over His heritage.” The Paulson Collection of Ellen G. White Letters (1985), 298.
  9. Seeking and following the counsel of counsellors not under the control of the Holy Spirit:

“The sins against which ancient Israel were warned have led modern Israel into byways and forbidden paths. The professed people of God have made those who are trampling under foot His commandments their counselors.” Manuscript Releases, vol. 9, 130.

  1. Participating in worldly amusement
  2. Studying skeptical and sensual literature
  3. Being very religious while the heart is somewhere else.

[All emphasis supplied.]